Logo Design

Crowdsourced logo design seems to be an essential source. On the surface, it seems to be an interesting platform where numerous designers can submit their work with a pool of designs for us to choose for our business. More alike the Adam Smith’s known phrase “invisible hand” where collectively, the buyers and the sellers fix the value of the goods or services. Crowdsourced logo design are same as invisible hands where the buyers and the sellers collectively determine the value of the design and no other person can.

Why People Find Crowdsourced Logo Design Good?

For startups, crowdsourced logo design might be a good choice as they do not have to pay a huge amount of costs. Moreover, easier for designers as they do not have to dig in for original ideas and modifies the existing designs conveniently.

Importance of a Professional Logo Design:

A professional logo design comes from a great process which crowdsources logos do not follow. A logo is your brand identity which takes good amount of time to articulate the thought, synthesize inputs from multiple ideas, rendering and finalizing a logo design. Designed by a professional logo designer, a logo is the mutual collaboration between the client and the designer that reflects the overall brand identity in a single image.

Reputable brands do not compromise on their brand identity. A logo design is an identity and a visible component of your brand that stays until your brand stays. Being the most visible component of a brand, it should convey meaning, it should adapt to a variety of scales and applications, and it should distinguish you among competitors and possess a style that exceeds passing trends.

Pitfalls of Crowdsourced Logo Designs:

Crowdsourced logo designs are not the best choice when it comes to developing a brand. Crowdsourcing involves multiple designers to send in logos for you to review. You go through all the choices and then pay for the design closest to what you want but getting a logo for your brand from 99designs is more like hiring 99 kids to take the task of your branding.

Why Not Crowdsourced?

Zero Relationships between Clients and the Designer:

A logo design is the blend of a brand’s vision and mission which can be transformed into a design only if a dedicated designer understands the main essence for the existence of a brand. For a designer, it is important to get to know about your brand, values, style, and goals.  It is how designers can come up with custom logo designs that develop a brand image for long.

On the other hand, crowd sourced designers have zero communication with the client for which they do not tend to create fresh designs and modifies the existing one.

Unprofessional Logo Designs:

An open competition is a pool of designers that may have both experienced and inexperienced designers. Even if you select the work of a skilled designer, you have no clue it might get copied and modified the other minute. A client’s time is important, and one must waste it on picking a common design from dozens of them.

Unethical or Copyright Issues:

With zero communication between the designers and the client, you get zero guarantees for the amount you pay and the design you get. Logos from crowdsourced usually have a bad reputation with no guarantee and compensation of the work and the amount.

Compromises Your Brand Identity:

For startups or small businesses, a crowdsourced logo design can be an option but should not be the final choice for good brands, crowdsourced logos devalue the brand and put the brand’s image on a stake. It tells clienteles that you don’t value your brand enough to invest in professional talent properly. It shows the design community that you don’t value their work enough to pay professionals for their work adequately.

Multiple Design Concepts:

For crowdsourced logo designs, you have multiple design concepts from which you have to choose. There can be a point where you like the design of one but the color of the other one, and it makes it difficult for you to select the best one for your brand. Crowdsourced designers, however, are extremely competitive and will not collaborate to produce a unique design.  On the other hand, custom logo designs are solely designed by a professional designer that incorporates all the branding elements in the design.

In A Nutshell,

When it comes to your brand, crowdsourcing is a bad idea. On the surface, it may seem like an attractive idea—soliciting pool of designers to compete for your work and having the luxury of picking your favorite design but the selected design cannot create the brand identity. Think of your logo as the groundwork for your brand to escalate the other elements in branding.