Pinoy artists grace DC Comics' Convergence.

by Rey Beltran |

Convergence is DC Comics’ way of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths. While Crisis unified the DC Universe, Convergence will unify the existing timelines after Crisis happened. These timelines include The New 52, Flashpoint, Zero Hour, and the pre-Crisis timelines, for starters.

What makes Convergence interesting is that it showcases Filipino artists Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, and Stephen Segovia. They’re either doing the covers or the interior art for DC’s Big Event.

Carlo Pagulayan is a graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He started his career with a 3-page art for Dark Horse Comics in 2001, and from there, became an artist for Marvel Comics. He does pencil, ink, and cover art.

Of Pagulayan’s work in the first issue of Convergence, says that “[he] has done some extraordinary work with the extra-sized amount. Illustrating an additonal ten pages is no small feat. The details he gave to the various universes and its inhabitants convey the epic scope of this storyline.”

Stephen Segovia started with Marvel in 2003. Not only does he pencil, ink, and color, but he also is a comic book cover artist as well.  His work on Convergence #3 is noted by “Stephen Segovia is a very talented artist and one whose style is perfectly suited to a Big Two event comic. His character renderings are strong and the details don’t get lost amidst a flurry of action. His panel layouts and shot selections are effective, efficient and exciting enough to not be drowned out by dull practicality. He’s given a lot more to do here thanks to multiple action sequences and the inclusion of some characters from one of the other cities. That goes a long way to making the book more enjoyable as Telos’ planet seems to be a desert wasteland bereft of any life.”

Jason Paz is relatively new compared to Pagulayan and Segovia. Like Segovia, he started at Marvel inking Avengers & X-Men: Axis (2014). Now, he’s inking the pencil art of Segovia and Pagulayan in DC Comics’ Convergence. Like Pagulayan, Paz’ ink work in Convergence earned him rave reviews from “[His] solid lines lead to an appealing aesthetic that accentuates the gravitas. Telos (the main villain) is akin to a living monolith.”

Note that Convergence #5, #6, and #7 will be drawn by Andy Kubert, Ed Benes, and Aaron Lopresti. But the final issue of this major DC Event will showcase the art of Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia!  Let’s see how their dynamics work come the last week of May, when Convergence #8 hits your local comic book shops.