elements of hiphop

Do you love rap music? or are you fond of fliptop battles? If yes, you shouldn’t miss this event!

From the masterminds of Fliptapan sa Bulihan 2012, Dirty Dogg Production, in cooperation with Options Automodification, Bamboo Discobar, Juan Carlos Bar and JS Mina Sound System, is set to host the 5 Elements of Hiphop competition on April 23 and 30 at BSSPES Silang Cavite. For the first time, this 2-day event will be featuring the foundation or elements of hiphop culture — DJing, MCing, Breaking, Graffiti Art, and Beatbox.

Based on these five elements of hiphop culture, hiphop fanatics will vie for the championship title. Apart from the competitions, you will also get to see your favorite artists performing on stage!

Guest lineup:

  • Street Crew 04
  • G Blast
  • DJ Zhenz
  • Asiano Family
  • Silverbone
  • Jonas of Breezy Music
  • Slimer
  • Duane Sis of Apokalipsis
  • Cavite Undergog
For more information, contact Dirty Dogg Production via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dirtydoggproduction/