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Internet marketing has seen new heights with the endeavor of many female minds that are extremely talented, and are great visionaries and influencers. A very potential side of internet marketing is podcasting, which helps the marketer or speaker get into a free flow of thought exchange and talking, and this is one great way to connect to many minds at once. Many women have taken the path to the podcasting by hosts of their shows.

And some of the shows have become exceptionally good and collected audiences from all around the world. Here are some of the best podcasts by female hosts, which all area great to listen for the entrepreneurs, and you must give them a try at least once.


  • So Money


Farnoosh Torabi hosts this show. She is a renowned TV celeb and an author whose books got many awards. Her show got picked by the Inc Magazine as the best business podcast for the growth of the business.


  • Kate’s Take


This is a show hosted by Kate Erickson, and every week two to three shows are podcasted by her. Her shows tell of how to grow a seven-figure business. Her podcasts also focus on many tips she shares, many business tools, and special episodes where she brings on special guests.


  • Recode Decode


This show is hosted by Kara Swisher. She is from the tech domain, and in her shows, she talks to high profile consultants, columnists, CEOs, and TV celebs on all headlines which are controversial, worth a talk, and has juice in it.

Girlboss Radio

Sophia Amoruso hosts this weekly show. She is the founder of NastyGal. In her show, she brings to focus the female powers that are fearless, and dominantly and proudly playing their roles as the CEO, creative persona, entrepreneur, or some artist.


  • The Lively Show


Jess Lively, the host of this show, has been successful in creating a trail of fan following behind her show just because of her amazing topics and their presentation. This show involves not just business or marketing, but a host of topics ranging from food to blogging to lifestyle and wellness. Altogether it’s a lively show for the intent of helping listeners with tips and information.


  • Biz Chix Podcast


Entrepreneurs have a lot to collect in their kitty from this podcast. It’s a great show, which talks about the best things to do about a business, and shares high-quality business information. The show has been airing for quite a few years and has gathered great popularity through the years. Natalie Eckdahl is the host, and she discusses the toughest business topics and strategies with the top entrepreneurs, CEOs, consultants, etc who come to the show as guests.


  • Online Marketing Made Easy


Amy Porterfield hosts this show on best online marketing tactics. This show discusses varied topics like Facebook marketing, getting more followers on social media, writing great blogs, and such things. Those looking for tips to grow their business online while using social media to the fullest will gain much from the show.


  • ZenFounder


Starting up a business is a tough challenge, and this show focuses on how to do this the best. There are tips and talks on this, and many secrets about starting a business and keeping cool during the venture get shared on the show by the host Sherry Walling. Walling is a postdoc, and her partner Rob is a psychologist. And they both made the show a pathfinder for entrepreneurs to fight out of stressful situations in the initial phases of a startup.


  • Women in Tech


This podcast succeeded to get to the top of iTunes, and also caught great attention globally online. The host is Espree Devora who is a tech personality, and here she discusses various facets of life and career with successful entrepreneurs, business founders, designers, investors, etc, who are all women.


  • 2 Dope Queens


Another hit podcast show to top the charts in iTunes for the first 7 days after it was started. This show is a thrilling sensation which discusses everything in life from lifestyle to relationships, health issues to cosmetics, beauty, and romance, and what not. The hosts are Phoebe Robinson from Broad City and Jessica Williams from Daily Shows.


  • Real Talk Radio


Nicole Antoinette is the host of this wonderful show which discusses all life, facts, matters, happenings, and experiences, as the host talks to guests who may be an entrepreneur, actor, TV celebrity, author, athlete, social activist, bloggers, etc.


  • Pivot Podcast


Jenny Blake is the show host, who once worked for Google, and had also spent years in the world of a tech startup. The shows are all business-centric, where tech and business run hand in hand for most creative ideas and topics which are dealt with intriguing details.


  • Profit, Power, Pursuit


The host is Tara Gentile who is a powerful speaker, who gets into the details of how to jump-start a small business, how to take it off the ground, and how to make things right in a small business.


  • The Failure Factor


This is a special podcast on turning a failure into a success, and getting out of a failure situation. This is especially helpful for entrepreneurs and is hosted by Megan Bruneau, who is a psychotherapist. And the show is conducted by Forbes.

Start your podcasting show as the digital marketer

So many examples above tell you how digital marketing podcasts and also podcasts in many other domains can be made interesting and intriguing by women power. So many women have been successful in podcasting and creating their world of fame and fan following. And even you can do this with your plans, visions, and hard work.


Podcasting is one such arena of marketing, which helps you bypass many rules and protocols of traditional SEO and online marketing. As the content is in sound format, it can be defined through detailed description and tags which are textual, but the words spoken in the track stays of by rules. That is why the podcasters can be freely creative, and speak the heart out straight. And you should try this sometime to feel the fun.