diyos-diyosan, cesar evangelista buendia, john prats, princess punzalan, 2016 elections

What if the things you learned during childhood were wrong? Are you willing to unlearn those things and change for the better?

The upcoming a socio-political spiritual movie dIYOS-DIYOSan will make everyone reflect on the roots of the country’s current political struggles and economic hardships. Written and directed by Christian film director Cesar Evangelista Buendia, the film stars John Prats and veteran actress Princess Punzalan, who will play the roles Bernard, a 4th year high school student, and Estrell, an angry Marxist activist.

Estrell loved her country but hated God. That is why Estrell made sure that each of her 4th year high school students, including Bernard, would do the same. “Serve the people!” she said. “But believe only in yourself.

On the other hand, Bernard, have his own personal issues to solve as he is a bastard son of a man who was very affectionate only towards his legitimate children. The brilliant student and an ambitious leader, became a bitter and broken young man when he learned that his father never ignored his achievement as a high school valedictorian. Now, he needed guidance and Estrell, the atheist, was the only one who offered it.

During the EDSA revolution, a covenant would be drawn between Estrell and her two students Bernard and Jojo. Bernard was to become the leader of the nation and Jojo was to support him no matter what happens. In order for that to happen, Estrell said that Bernard and Jojo would have to believe in themselves and in themselves alone; not in God.

Boni, Estrell’s husband, was one of the political prisoners released after EDSA revolution by the Cory Aquino government. He was later on killed by rebels who despised him for his transformation from being a full-blooded Marxist-atheist like Estrell to a passionate believer in God.

diyos-diyosan, cesar evangelista buendia, john prats, princess punzalan, 2016 elections

Estrell, who had lost the capacity to bear another child due to her miscarriage before, discovered that she was bearing her husband’s child. This life-changing moment changed her view about life, and about God.

While all these were life-changing moments were happening to Estrell, Bernard and Jojo had joined a Fraternity in UP Diliman. Though the Fraternity was notorious for getting involved in Frat rumbles, it was still a force to reckon with in campus politics. Seeing Bernard’s obvious potential as a leader, the Fraternity brothers started grooming him to become a student leader. Bernard then became a popular and much-admired figure in Campus.

One day, during one of the Frat’s hazing sessions, Bernard, Jojo and their other Fraternity brothers accidentally killed one of the neophytes. Bernard and his brods succesfully framed-up the rival Frat for the murder of their own neophyte. The members of the rival Fraternity where charged with murder while Bernard, Jojo and his brods got away with it.

Years pass, it is now 2013. Bernard is now Senator of the Republic who is being groomed to become Philippine President in 2016. Jojo is mysteriously missing and Estrell now leads a Ministry for Prisoners. Bernard and Estrell cross paths once again.

diyos-diyosan, cesar evangelista buendia, john prats, princess punzalan, 2016 elections

As the story ends, the film will show how Bernard’s past experiences had transformed him into a deceptive, cunning and crafty politician.; while Estrell slowly discovers the monster she had created in her protege. Estrell will then attempt to make her students unlearn the flawed values she herself once taught. Bernard, her protege, who had become the fruit of these wrong beliefs, is now a determined aspirant to become the next President of the Philippines in 2016.

dIYOS-DIYOSan is the fourth advocacy film of LEB Telon film Production Services. The first three independent films were Idol: Pag-asa ng Bayan that enlighten students about the perils of cheating; Padre de Pamilya, a story of a son who assumed the responsibility of being the breadwinner of the family; and Agawan Base, which also tackled election issues and how a child armed with his faith in God overpowers the corrupt Politicians.

dIYOS-DIYOSan, a film that will show how the power of God’s love will combat the evil, will have its premiere in SM CINEMAS NATIONWIDE on MAY 04, 2016. Other celebrity casts who supports the advocacy are Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mara, Vaness del Moral, Ryza Cenon with Tirso Cruz III among others.