Education During Pandemic: The Rise Of Remote Learning

Education During Pandemic: The Rise Of Remote Learning | Since the Covid 19 pandemic has almost eliminated face-to-face contact and interaction, the entire world had to change its ways. Traditional education practices and classes held in overcrowded classrooms had to be taken online for safety reasons. Remote learning and online learning swiftly became the new norm. Online learning comes with many benefits that will remain popular even after the world overcomes the pandemic. Moreover, the rise of online learning during the covid-19 pandemic showed the importance of education even during the most difficult times.

Online learning is flexible – you’ll never be late for class again

Remote or online learning has always been popular for its flexibility. You can listen to classes at your own pace, whenever you find the time in your schedule. The entire learning process is more effective, and people achieve better results. According to IBM, students retain information 5 times more compared to the traditional learning experiences.

Professionals are also very fond of online learning opportunities because they can advance their careers with ease and improve performance. They can easily balance their current work responsibilities and obtain new skills at their own pace.

It eliminates housing and commute expenses

An online program is more affordable in comparison to traditional education. Students don’t have to pay for housing because they can stay home with their parents until they get their degree. Tuition is already a significant drain in the budget, so online learning is an affordable option.
Apart from housing, students won’t have any commute expenses. This reduces their costs and in turn, affords them more time they can spend on learning or other activities.

You have access 24/7

Depending on the online learning platform, students can access learning material anytime they want. This means that all documents and learning materials are stored in one place. They can also track their progress, performance, and adjust their pace based on their results. If they need to revisit a lesson, they can do that with ease and reduce stress. That’s why tools like learning management systems are an integral part of the online learning experience.

It helps with the work-life balance

People of all ages have taken up online courses during the pandemic. The lack of social interaction made them realize that they can finally carve out time to learn something new. Most importantly, taking up an online class did not put additional pressure on their existing work-life routine.

Teachers and educators benefit greatly from the online learning methodology because they don’t have to travel to school. They can prepare courses, lessons from their home and communicate with students online.

Students can engage in online discussions

Since social interaction is viewed as one of the main benefits of traditional learning, many believe that online learning limits that. With the right tools, social interaction, collaboration, and discussion can still take place. These features are integrated into the best LMS e-learning platform. Students can chat via messenger, participate in forums discussion, chat with their teachers solo or as a group. The right learning management system will make the online learning experience advantageous and rewarding.

A chance to build your network

An online learning experience provides both students, teachers, and professionals to connect with people from different countries. In a traditional setting, a student would only interact with peers in his class. In this modern setting, a student can connect with peers from other places and network with like-minded people. Professionals who’ve decided to upgrade their career with a new skill can connect with other professionals and gain new career opportunities.

Can we expect to see remote learning on the rise beyond 2021?

If we take into account a study by the University of La Rioja, it appears that the e-learning market will reach around 336.98 billion dollars by 2026. This fact only tells us that online learning is a lucrative business that will continue to grow even after the pandemic.

Another solid fact that adds to the list of online learning pros is the retention rate. It is said that people retain up to 60% more knowledge in comparison to traditional learning. This is because students learn at their own pace, at their rhythm, and can revisit and revise the material often. They are not limited to one class at a certain time, and one consultation with a teacher. Traditional learning only accounts for 10-20%. We can safely conclude that a trend in online learning will continue to grow in the following years.

The latest online technology will keep up the pace with this growing trend. The entire user experience will be even better and the entire process of learning easier for both the teacher and the students.

We have to mention that there are certain challenges to online learning. Not having access to reliable internet, the pressure on the teacher to adopt new technologies, lack of student motivation and procrastination, and so on.

But, all of these cannot devalue the benefits of online learning and the exceptional effect it has on the world caught in a pandemic. It’s great when people have the option to choose between traditional education or one that takes place online. The world is changing, so should we, and our perception of successful education and the future of online learning.

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