ASP.Net Developer

The moment you may have to make the selection of ASP.Net professionals, you may have to consider a number of factors. The job position can easily be suitable for multiple candidates. In case you need to ensure that you have made the right choice, then it is better to trust your comfort level. Look into the features that are related to skill testing of any candidate. This is important that you get familiar with the level of the candidate. He or she should be comfortable with ASP.Net at the advance level.

The day you are actually screening multiple candidates, it is important for you to sort out a complete list of queries.  It is important that the questions you prepare for the interview session should in fact be perfect. The questions should also prove helpful for you to screen any employee for his level of expertise and skills.

It is certain that you may have to screen a particular employee for the knowledge of ASP.Net he is having. Apart from this, you can also try and include more questions that are specific to your particular job position requirement.

Getting started with the interview session

You need to keep in mind that this is a particular frame work that requires the professional to hold his level of expertise in the field. The expertise level would also differ from one individual to another. So if you are looking forward to sort out a complete list of questions then you can try and seek help from other professionals in your organizations.

Prepare a complete list of stake holders

In most cases C# coding test is one of the best options available today, but at the same time you need to prepare a list of all possible questions. Potential interview questions are always more helpful if prepared in advance. These questions can be directly prepared as per the requirements of the job positions. You can also seek help from the management and other professional areas within your organization.

Prioritize queries

The moment you have prepared a complete list of questions for the interview session, then it is possible for you to sort out some of the most important questions from the list. You can also try and request other team members and stake holders to help you sort out some of the most relevant questions for the interview session. No matter what, it is important for you to shorten the list and keep it more relevant to the job position.

Customize your prepared list

It is also ideal that you can approach a potential candidate and request him or her to prepare a short C# list script. This may not be more effective in the initial stage but it will certainly offer you with details related to most efficient candidate. You can try and seek help from online sources and tests that are available for candidate selection. You can at times also try and browse through the application list one at a time.

Get started with asking important questions

It is obvious important that you get started with asking right types of questions. At the time of job selection, you can go further step ahead and ask a few more important questions. Always ensure that you have included questions that are more specific to the job position the candidate is applying for.

Some important questions to include

In this article you may find a few set of important questions that can be included at the time of interview session for any candidate. These will also prove helpful in understanding the skill level possessed by the potential candidate for the job position.


  • Try and include more general questions related to the Post back features. This will enable you to get familiar with the type of action the candidate will take at the time of need. You will also get a knowledge related to his understanding about the ASP.Net.
  • Collect more set of information related to the page life cycle. It is obvious that the candidate you have selected should in fact be aware of various stages that are involved in the ASP.Net.
  • It is also ideal to try and collect more set of information related to the page request queries. In this section you can as the user to request for a page so you are aware if he or she is aware of compiling or using all cache features.
  • If the candidate is a professional ASP.Net developer then it is obvious that he or she will also have complete knowledge of start page options.
  • Initialization is also one of the most important features that you may have to look into when selecting ideal candidate. This means that you may have to test his skills related to themes used in this developing program.
  • The next important step is the initialization. This also refers to the on page controls and different themes that are applicable that can be used.
  • At the time of hiring a professional it is important for you to collect all information related to the load option. This one feature will prove helpful for testing the skills of the candidate with control and view properties.
  • The moment you prepare your questions it is better to try and include more of the post back events that are relevant to your particular process.
  • Next you will have to focus on features that relates to saving a page for future use. This is termed as saving the view state of the page to generate output stream.


Apart from this, you may also have to focus on other features like reloading and unload features. It is also important for you to try and collect more set of information related to getting familiar amongst the differences between the MVC and webform.  These are features that are related to the server controls and designer features. These are the features that prove helpful at the time of designing. You should be able to check the candidate if he or she is efficient in using different platforms for designing interface using different applications.