Employer brand: internal and external reputation management Promote Your Business

GoGagah | Employer brand: internal and external reputation management | The concept of employer branding refers to the reputation that an organization creates by delivering work, which becomes a key aspect to attract and retain talent. Although most companies understand image management as an internal practice, that is, among the employees themselves, the employer brand has evolved to a new approach.

This concept should be understood as the management of employees, as well as former employees, rejected candidates and those qualified for a position. In this way, it is intended that all of them talk about the organization and generate the interest of professionals to be part of the company. Today, this concept is so popular that there are even awards held specifically to assess the strength of each company’s employer branding, for example the employer branding awards Philippines.

There are several mistakes that companies make in relation to managing their employer brand. The first and most important is to ignore the different actors that make up and surround the organization. A value proposition to your collaborators, which is something purely to look inward, is not the same as the positioning of an employer brand in the market, where you have to look inward and outward.

Another error is companies that care about tactics, but leave strategy aside.

This means that when you ask a company what they are doing in terms of employer branding, they are usually isolated actions that are not under a strategic pillar. The common response is “we give talks at universities” or “we are at a job fair”, and in general they are usually things in which there are no objectives and they are not measured in human resources, which affects the real management of the brand.

Beyond a ranking

One of the keys to building a lasting employer brand is not aiming to appear in a ranking. Some companies make this mistake, which, although it sounds very ambitious, is to believe that having an employer brand is to appear in a ranking.

Although for many companies appearing among the best organizations is an achievement, there are neither the best companies nor the ideal companies or employees since, as in a couple relationship, there is a type of company for each type of person.

One might think that there are companies that everyone wants to work for, as well as a stereotype of the ideal man, the truth is that the things are two-sided. However, in terms of which are the attributes that are most valued in general, the companies that are oriented towards a digital culture, therefore more modern, are the ones that are going to be more sustainable over time.

Other ways to retain talent

Human resources experts discussed what will be the essential practices to attract the best professionals. Today it is essential to have collaborators who ensure a good organizational climate, lead teams and improve productivity. Among the ways to retain talent, in addition to the management of the employer brand, are salary improvements, bonuses and labor flexibility, all of which are part of the benefits most valued by employees today.