by Marlon Magtira |

Epson, the Japanese tech giant known for its printers, is also known as one of the world’s biggest makers of projectors, is now offering a free CloudFone ICE 402E for every purchase of their EB-X03 projector.

Buyers of an Epson EB-X03 from February 8 to March 9 can avail of a free Android Kitkat CloudFone ICE 402E. The CloudFone ICE has a 4-inch WVGA IPS LCD display, and a dual SIM/dual standby capability.

Priced at par with competitor models but featuring a high 1024×768 XGA resolution and 3x brighter colors compared to 1-chip projectors, the EB-X03 is designed to give better value to customers.

With Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology that provides high color brightness, the Epson EB-X03 business projector combines dynamic image quality with versatility to deliver vivid presentations.

Epson’s projectors also boast of eco-features. The EB-X03 only uses 0.28W of power in standby mode, its optics employ lead-free lenses, utilizes unpainted plastic housing to reduce environmental impact, and the flame retardants used in the product do not contain chlorine or bromine.

Furthermore, an independent test of about 800 projectors by projector review media in 2009 found that on average, 3LCD projectors use 25-percent less power than single-chip projectors. 3LCD projectors also offer greater detail, smoother gradations, no “color breakup” effect, and are easier on viewers’ eyes compared to a single-chip projector using a lamp of the same wattage. (