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With the data storage needs growing for organizations, the security risks are also on the rise. Storing data off-site is becoming a necessity for modern businesses that value their privacy. However, many organizations do not have resources to manage a separate site or ensure the constant safeguarding of removable media. For such instances, the cloud is emerging as a viable alternative.  

A copy of your critical business data can now be stored off-site with a cloud backup. So, even if you end up losing everything on-site, you’ll still have a backup ready to kick in. When your company’s IT infrastructure is replicated on the cloud, you have a complete, restorable backup of all your desktop environments and IT servers. In case of a mishap, you can restore the image backup and get back to work ASAP!

The whole idea of owning and maintaining a website is made faster and more secure by Veeam Cloud Connect. It lets users securely backup and store copies of their virtual servers in the cloud within a reliable infrastructure.

Data protection is important

Efficiency also matters to a great extent when it comes to data storage. Veeam Cloud Connect offers speed and efficacy, allowing you to take your hosted servers and connect to the secure VM CC Gateway to quickly save and recover your backup files & settings.

When selecting a cloud network, you must also take into consideration the growth of your business. With VM Cloud Connect, you get a scalable solution that can be used independently on either physical machines that are running Windows or their virtual equivalent.

Fast and secure backup to the Cloud

There is an immense demand for cloud-based backup, owing to the increasing acceptance for hosted solutions. There is also a massive demand for 24×7, unlimited access to data and apps. And when you add the revenue-generation demands of modern businesses to the mix, the result is an increased need for managed and backup and similar services. This has led to a widespread acceptance or hosted solutions, especially cloud-based backups.  

VM Cloud Connect is proven to be an ideal way to fulfill all these needs. Here’s how:

  • It’s easy to configure

Your VM Cloud Connect service provider will provide you with the necessary resources to schedule backup and retrievals of your important data. The Veeam app is easy to use and offers quick access to cloud infrastructure to its users via the management console. To top it all, there is no need to use a VPN.

The VM Cloud Connect system comes complete with a Disaster Recovery module as well. This can help you get the most out of the backups, restoring your computers directly via the Cloud Platform to bring them back to their latest status. That’s how VM Cloud Connect can also be a part of your disaster recovery efforts.

  • Fast transfer and advanced support

VM Cloud Connect supports WAN acceleration. This can lead to a dramatic reduction in bandwidth requirements when making backups and copies of backups. This means that if you choose VM Cloud Connect for your data backup needs, you won’t have to get additional bandwidth to speed up off-site backups. Nevertheless, your Veeam Service Providers should be chosen carefully, to help you take full advantage of the facilities available.

  • More reliable backups

With VM Cloud you get enterprise-grade reliability.

Your VMs are hosted on SherWeb’s Performance Cloud platform. This means you get enterprise-grade reliability and speed. Every part of our VM and DR setup is redundant, from the web services gateway to the storage appliances. Veeam shares the same commitment to reliability. In a recent survey of all Veeam Clients, 71% said that the backups are more consistent than other similar services. Apart from consistency and reliability, VM Cloud Connect also offers faster speeds. In most instances, it takes less than 5 minutes to get your first backup up and secured.

The Last Word: Bring Your Business to The Cloud

When you deploy Veeam Cloud Connect, you get instact access to backups and restoring capabilities. There is no VPN that needs confguring or a separate console that needs masterings. The integrated hosted cloud repositories are always available, even when the primary data centre is offline.

So there you have it! this is only a brief introduction to what VM Cloud Connect can do for your data storage & security needs. Get in touch with us to find out more!


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