Fashion Trends

A night out with your girls is a great way to enjoy some dancing or simply unwind in an intimate ambiance of an elegant restaurant. However, going out during chilly weather may seem too tedious with you having to come up with just the perfect outfit that won’t make you freeze on your way to the restaurant just so you could be comfortable indoors. Worry not, because we have the fabulous trends that will make you look gorgeous and feel amazing as well.

A coat is a must-have

A well-tailored coat that fits your silhouette perfectly is a must-have piece simply because it will go with any possible outfit. Whether you want to throw it over your little black dress or you need something to keep you warm in that chic, silky blouse and a mini skirt, a beige or black coat will be a wonderful statement piece. Not only will it look gorgeous, but it will also offer you just enough warmth that you won’t even need to rush taking it off the minute you’re indoors.

knit wear
Knit wear

Warm knitwear

Chilly weather is all about chunky clothes, and now you can even rock your favorite knitwear while dancing all night long. Think about tucking in a chunky oversized sweater in a mini skirt and matching the entire outfit with a pair of ankle boots. Feel free to match an oversized striped sweater or some other knitwear of your choice with a pair of jeans, put on a pair of knee-high suede boots and you’re all set for a crazy night out. Think about throwing your cardigan over a light dress, and you can even make pumps work amazingly with the entire ensemble.

Thigh-high boots

You can’t imagine chilly weather without a pair of classy boots, and this season has been all about thigh-highs. From black to grey, khaki and red, suede thigh-high boots have been the main talk of the town which is why you shouldn’t wait a second longer to make them a part of your next night out look. A suede mini skirt in combination with a long-sleeved bodysuit would go perfectly with your thigh-high boots. Throw on a leather jacket or a chunkier coat if the weather gets really cold, and voila – you’ve got glam on point.

Chic dresses

Aside from knit sweaters and cardigans, knit dresses are also one of the fashion pieces you could definitely incorporate into your night-out look. Buckle the dress up with a wide belt, put on thigh-high boots and throw over a coat for the ultimate boss babe look. Knit dresses will also look amazing if matched with leather jackets, and leather boots. Mix some rock and roll with your knit and throw on a pair of stud earrings and bracelets. Instead of leather thigh-high boots, feel free to wear flat black rocker boots alongside with fishnet stockings for the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll vibe. For a glamorous vibe, introduce a bit of animalistic feel into your ensemble. Layer a fitted long-sleeve leopard top under a lingerie-inspired slip dress and leave everyone in awe with your fashion-forward look.

Layer it up

Nippy weather is all about layers, so feel free to layer it up for your night out too. Leather leggings in combination with a sweater dress and a faux fur vest is all you need for a casual party look. A pair of ankle boots and a fedora hat would stunningly complement the entire ensemble. Grab a crossbody bag to keep all of your essentials nearby and so that you don’t have to think about where to place your large purse when all you want is to have some fun. Furthermore, layering a tee underneath a corduroy dress has been one of the biggest trends of the year. If you don’t plan on going to a club but you opt for a rather calm atmosphere at the pub, for example, you might also feel comfortable in a nice tight sweater, instead of a t-shirt. Either way, try to plan your layers smart so that you don’t feel too warm.

Final thoughts

Going out during chilly weather doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you need to do is plan your outfits smart and think through the location you’ll be at. Coats will keep you warm without making you uncomfortable, knitwear is always a good choice that won’t make you chilly, and layering up will make you both fashionable and warm at the same time.