League of Legends, League of Legends Tournament, League of Legends Philippine Tournament

Blood will be shed! Not literally though. But it will be just as messy.

League of Legends is one of the widely known MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) in the Philippines. Being a pro-player may be a new profession but it is already something gamers would like to take seriously. Though being one isn’t just a walk in the park. You need vigorous training pertaining to your knowledge of the game, communication with your team and your own skills such as hand to eye coordination and how fast you would think of a strategy for shot calling.

This coming April, Abigle Café in Makati City, has set a League of Legends tournament where new bloods will rise up to the challenge. They must show that they are the best of the best (well for new bloods) and if they are deserving to be the café’s own team. The tournament will be a three day event starting on April 6. On this day, round one of the eliminations will take place as all 32 teams will battle it out to know who will move on to day 2 on April 7th where the second and third round of the eliminations will commence. Semi-Finals and Finals has been set on the third day on April 8th.

League of Legends, League of Legends Tournament, League of Legends Philippine Tournament

The First Blood League of Legends tournament has been divided into three days to have a breathing ground for the participants.

The champion of the tournament will bring home a whopping Php 20,000 worth of cash and an exclusive contract with Abigle Café as its own League of Legends team. This includes a lot of perks that the team may need in order to be able to compete in the semi-professional and professional scene of League of Legends. However, new teams doesn’t really gel all that well immediately so they need to undergo rigorous training, practices and skirmishes with other teams to hone their talent. They must prove that after winning the tournament, they have the mindset of a champion and that they’re willing to go that mile and win future tournaments especially the ones that matter.

The runner ups will bring home huge cash prizes too! First runner up will bring home Php 15,000 cash, second runner bag Php 8,000 cash and the third runner up will be given Php 4,500 cash.

Pro-Teams from the Garena Pro-Gaming Series and Piltover’s Finest are banned from joining the tournament since they are already one of the best out there and also that they already have their respective sponsors. They don’t need to fret though because some teams in those league doesn’t have any sponsor. We may still scout some talents to add to our team as subs or main.

The tournament will be held at the third floor – Internet Hub of the café. Whereas the participating teams have to wait at the second floor – Coffee Shop which will also serve as the viewing area for the tournament.

We are joined by Garena Philippines namely the League of Legends PH Team and eSports Team. There would be a meet and greet with some of the GMs and the matches will be officiated and marshalled by the eSports Team.

If you are an aspiring League of Legends player or team and want to go pro, join the tournament and who knows, you might be one of the rising stars and perhaps in the long run, be the representative of Asia for Worlds. Registration will run from March 14 to March 25, 10:00 AM.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message at our fanpage or call at (02) 801-7879 or email us at abiglecafe@gmail.com

See you at the tournament!