Valentine’s Day Gifts  | First-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him | Even if you’re usually a pro at buying presents, picking out something for Valentine’s Day for your crush, boyfriend or husband can be difficult. You don’t want to go overboard with the price, but still want to choose something heartfelt and practical. That’s why we’ve prepared a nice little list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special man in your life no matter his lifestyle, hobbies and passions. 

For outdoorsy guys

Most outdoorsy dudes already have all the necessary equipment for camping such as a tent, sleeping bag and backpack, but you can still find some cool accessories that will make his adventures better. For instance, a personalized survival knife is always a good gift he will use for many things from cutting rope to prepping food in nature. If you know he’s very particular about his gear, you can opt for a bucket list coffee table book filled with adventure ideas all over the world (and in his backyard). 

For fitness freaks

If your man loves to be active, he probably goes through workout wear like crazy. In that case, a new pair of joggers will come in super handy both for the gym and running errands. Wireless headphones are also a great idea since they can spice up his workouts with his favorite tunes instead of those boring top 40 hits they usually play at the gym. If all else fails, you can restock his supplement shelf or supply him with a new water bottle (these can get nasty after some time, so he will probably enjoy a new one).  

For pet lovers

If your man loves his pet more than he loves himself, you can go wrong with a pet-related gift. A new leash for his pooch or a new toy for his cat will always go appreciated. And later, you can try out his gift and take his dog for a walk or play with his cat as you cuddle. If he’s away from home a lot and dreads to leave his pets alone, a pet camera is a great gift idea since he can monitor is pets via his smartphone and make sure they are doing fine. 

For businessmen 

A man that’s serious about his work and focused on his career can always use a push with his professional look. A new tie will freshen up his every suit, but he can also benefit from a sock subscription box that will supply him with new pairs every month. If you don’t want to mess with his business style, you can always do your best to make his wallet and pockets more organized. With a sleek cardholder wallet, he will impress colleagues, clients and customers every time he networks. And no more creases and bent corners on his business cards! 

For fashionistas 

Men love to look good just as women do, so don’t hesitate to grab a new piece of wardrobe for your man. If this is not your first year together, you probably have an idea of his personal style, so you can opt for a shirt or pants. If you want to go big, a new timepiece is always a good choice, especially if you personalize it with an engraving. On the other hand, if you’ve just started dating, you can surprise him with something smaller like a hat (perfect for winter) or a funny shirt with his favorite movie characters. The worst-case scenario is you’ll have something new to steal from him and wear around the house if he doesn’t like the gift. 

For techies 

If your man loves new gadgets, he’s probably drowning in cables and chargers. In that case, getting a wireless charger might be the perfect gift for him. This gadget eliminates the look of messy wires without any annoying bright lights that’ll keep him up all night. A temperature-control mug is also a great gift so he can figure out the perfect temperature for his taste buds and control it through an app—all the guys at work or in his gaming party will be so jealous! 

For sleepy dudes

If all you wish for your special man in February is for him to chill out and enjoy life, you can surprise him with a gift of relaxation. A weighted blanket is a perfect gift because you can both use it to curl up in front of the TV and catch a quick shuteye. Another great idea is a relaxation set that consists of body butter, massage oil (use it however you like) and a nice scented candle. After a long day, this pampering experience will be the most cherished gift for him. A coffee subscription is also a smart gift if he has trouble shaking off his lazy habits. 

Make his Valentine’s Day perfect with any one of these gifts. Even if gift-giving is not your love language, you should show off your appreciation and do your best to buy something you know your man will love.