Five Mehndi Designs for the Minimalist Bride
Image: | Five Mehndi Designs for the Minimalist Bride | Mehendi is a special aspect of every wedding celebration. Whether you want an elaborate and intricate maroon stain on your body or a simple and understated look, there are different styles of Mehendi that suits everybody. However, we are aware of the fact that not every bride or wedding guest would want their arms and legs to be covered with Mehendi. Some of us prefer minimal bridal mehendi designs. If you’re a minimalist at heart, spin your own twist at your wedding and be unique. You don’t have to spend hours getting your mehendi done, this list has been curated especially for people that want easy and quick best mehndi designs:

  • Personalised unique designs

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Go for a mehendi design that adds value to your day or is special to you and your dearly beloved. Right from portraits of your loyal puppy, to coordinates of places that are special to you or even caricatures of your beau in your hands. A new trend that’s all the rage is getting your wedding’s hashtag incorporated in the mehendi design.

  • Backhand mehendi design

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The understated mehendi design for the other side of your palm deserves equal attention to detail and style. So, consider this classic yet interesting backhand mehendi design which is sure to be appreciated by your wedding guests. It can consist of repetitions of leaves or swirls or concentric florals connected by dots and dashes.

  • Simple Designs

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Go for a mehndi design that is quintessentially simple, swift and easy to put on, but still looks stunning. Minimalistic designs have become an extremely popular trend these days, especially with modern brides! If your entire wedding follows the theme of minimalism, where everything from your venue’s decor to outfits and jewellery is subtle, and dainty, then you can opt for a simplistic mehendi pattern that is in sync with the theme and looks brilliant when photographed.

  • Bride and groom portraits

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Minimalist brides that don’t prefer to embrace the idea of a supremely intricate mehendi design might find it pleasing to consider this style because these designs don’t have to be an arm sleeve design. It can have the portrait of the bride and groom in the centre, encircled by timeless bootis and other minute details to complete the palm art. And, if you’re bold enough to try it, you can get uniformly spaced bands on the wrist and forearm to tie the design together.

  • Peacock mehendi design

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This mehendi design with peacocks and swirls are traditional yet evergreen. And if you are a fan of these incredible motifs with a desi essence, then this elegant mehndi design on the back of your hand or feet! This design will surely get infinite compliments.

These are some of the ideal bridal mehendi designs that can adorn your arms and legs for your wedding festivities. These are simple, but if applied well, or styled with the right clothes and accessories, it is sure to add exemplary value to your overall aesthetic. Go ahead, try something different for your dream wedding.