Gogagah.comWhen you’re out and about or away on your annual holiday, it becomes almost irresistible to not find a location providing free Wifi. Uploading your holiday snaps, catching up with work or streaming the latest episode of your favourite show can all seem pretty harmless when you’re enjoying an iced coffee or a spell by the pool, but there are some very real dangers in hooking up to unfamiliar free Wifi hotspots.

Not every danger can be seen but there are some measures you can take which will help to minimize the risk of having your data stolen when using a free Wifi connection away from home.

Log on with a VPN

A must for anyone wanting to have a premium level of security when accessing the Internet. A VPN such as Dazn is a private network which allows you to log on to the Internet within an encrypted system. Almost impenetrable by hackers and cyber attackers, a VPN has many inbuilt safety and security measures which also prevents anyone from tracking your movements around the Internet. Even better than that is the fact that when you log off from your session none of the data you have inputted will be saved. 

Using a VPN doesn’t mean you can’t use the free Wifi hotspot, just log into your assigned account which you can purchase from VPN review site CompareMyVPN first and then progress into the Wifi and your virtual destination.

Have the appropriate software

Whether or not you decide to install a VPN service like the aforementioned dazn erfahrungen service onto your personal device, you must still consider the fact that there are many viruses around which can cause a lot of grief and inconvenience. Viruses have many purposes which can vary in severity, but regardless of what virus you think may pop up, always prepare for the worst. Viruses can be hidden anywhere online and can also be added on to emails, SMS messages and even onto fake websites. 

A technique known as phishing is a common and effective way for hackers to get into your system. Embedding viruses into fake links means that you could be just one click away from losing access to your accounts or having your identity stolen. 

There are many anti-virus options to choose from when protecting your device and some of them are free. Do some research to check how safe they are to use and install, then stay up to date when new patches are released to keep your device as safe as possible. 

Beware of fake networks

Before clicking the all-important connect button on your free Wifi option, check the details of the connection itself. Although what appears to be free Wifi, it may not be. 

Another clever way of stealing your data is for hackers to set up private one to one computer networks to gain direct access into your accounts. You may be eager to get online but take some caution if there is a single solitary email or web address under the wifi connection details.