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The wait for winter is officially over. Winter is here! And there are a lot of things that will unfold in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 7.

In the previous season, a lot of key points has been revealed which have enticed fans around the globe.

Jon Snow is NOT Ned Stark’s son but his nephew proving the R+L=J theory! We have seen a lot of the houses die including the Martell of Dorne, Boltons of the North, the Tyrells of Highgarden (well, sort of), and the Baratheon. Adding up to the dead bodies are some of the most adored characters including sweet Hodor who died “holding the door” for Bran’s escape to be successful, and wilding woman Osha who was assassinated by Ramsey after trying to seduce him in order to free his new prisoner Rickon Stark (who Ramsey killed by shooting an arrow through him on Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards). Ramsey’s killing spree did not end there. After finding out that his stepmother Walda Frey gave birth to a baby boy which threatened his claim to the North, he stabbed his father Roose Bolton, and fed Walda and the baby to his hounds afterwards.

There are a lot more exciting points to ponder in Season 6. But for now, let us make room for endless possibilities for Season 7. Here are some of the theories fans are watching out for.

Jamie Lannister as Queen Slayer. After the death of the last Baratheon (Tommen), Cersei Lannister finally sits on the Iron Throne. The Queen Regent is now THE QUEEN of the Seven Kingdoms. Jamie finally returns to King’s Landing with ruins of the Great Sept and the news about the death of his son and a lot of people welcome him. We have seen Cersei finally cracked and has really chosen violence. Will Jamie, on the upcoming season, see how brutal and badass Cersei has turned into and drive a sword into his sister-slash-lover’s back like what he did to his king? Or will he help her gain full power over the Seven Kingdoms?Tyrion as the Third Dragon Head. On Season 6, Tyrion was named the hand of the Queen after taking charge while Danny was out of Mereen. Now, the Mother of the Dragons is leading the most formidable small council and a hundred of men in ships to attack King’s Landing and win back the Iron Throne! Fans from everywhere know that the three-headed dragon does not only represent the three dragons Daenerys owns but a whole lot more. Judging from what we know, the two heads of the dragon are Jon and Danny’s. Yet, who owns the third one? Speculations of fans and die-hard Targaryen wannabes lead to that one small person. This person would help Daenerys take over King’s Landing using his wise tactics and not by his strength nor sword… and Tyrion Lannister fits the role perfectly. So, the question “Is Tyrion a Targaryen too?” is now asked. Well, let us all just find out.

Arya as Lady Stoneheart. Game of Thrones is also known for remarkable character transformations. One of the characters that highly developed in the series is Arya Stark. From that sweet kid who just wants to learn how to use a sword to that woman who seeks to avenge her family, Arya Stark is one of the most anticipated character in GoT. After that epic butchering of the Walder Frey, Arya still have a number of names on her list. If you know Arya, she would not stop until she has crossed out everyone in it. Theories suggest that Arya’s vengeance will actually turn out pretty bad. She may take the role of the mysterious figure of vengeance as Lady Stoneheart and join forces with the Brotherhood Without Banners. If this will happen, there is a big chance that Arya and the Hound will cross paths once again. Maybe Arya needs the Hound to let her stay on track… on the good side of the road I mean.


Snow and Stark Tandem. We all know that Littlefinger offered Sansa something she refused (great job!) But will that be enough for Sansa to stay on Jon’s side?  The truth is, Sansa did not fully trust Jon this season as she kept the news that the Knights of the Vale will help in the Battle of the Bastard episode. Yet, let us hope that the Stark bond they share would be enough to keep her from being persuaded by Littlefinger. After all, the Sansa now is smarter and knows that only a fool would trust someone as sly as Petyr Baelish. Hoping for the best for the Snow-Stark tandem *finger crossed*

Maester Sam. As we have missed him in this season (well, he only appeared twice), Sam is off to the largest library in Westeros to fulfill his dream to become a master. He is off to learn about magic that may help in defeating the White Walkers. Yey! No more blue-eyed dead people! With this, we can say that Sam can be the hero of this season because he holds the key to win the battle against the White Walkers.

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