Geek Fam Indonesia Transfers Team Ownership To Livescape Group
Yudha Budhisurya, Founder of Geek Fam Managing Director of Livescape Indonesia   | Geek Fam Indonesia Transfers Team Ownership To Livescape Group For PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Championship | KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, XX May 2021 – Geek Fam Indonesia has recently announced the transfer of ownership of its professional PUBG Mobile esports team to The Livescape Group.

The Livescape Group started out in 2011 as a promoter and event management company, specializing in creating unique experiences for the South East Asian market. Just within 10 years, The Livescape group has morphed into an independent creative business and experience incubator, creating and building festivals, social platforms and creative agency. 

The transfer came about following rules and regulation by PUBG Mobile game developer and tournament organiser, Tencent, stating that no two teams from the same organisation are allowed to participate simultaneously on possible grounds of collusion. To both organizations, the transfer makes sense as both sides benefit from the deal. 

Lim Keat Kuang , Founder of Geek Fam Managing Director of Livescape Indonesia

“I’m ecstatic that both our Indonesian and Malaysian teams have performed amazingly well in their respective country’s PMPL S3 that enabled them to qualify for the SEA Championship. We have consistently produced championship winning teams, across games, genres and countries. And we are so proud that our teams are just showing what can be done with our system of selecting talented individuals, managing them and allowing them to grow to be champions. This marks a new milestone in the long-road to success, one that we’ve dreamt about once upon a time during the earlier days. However, in compliance with the rules and to ensure fairness to both teams who have worked extremely hard to get to where they are, the above decision has to be made. I’m sure that Yudha (Managing Director of Livescape Indonesia) and his team will take very good care of the players,” said Lim Keat Kuang, founder of Geek Fam.

“I immediately saw the potential when Keat proposed the idea to me, I feel that this happens at the right time and it aligns very well with the direction that Livescape is going. I’m sure we can leverage the team with our expertise, coupled with the support of our other IPs” – Yudha Budhisurya, Managing Director of Livescape Indonesia said. “I’m certain that this partnership will only bring forth more opportunities for our industries to collaborate in the near future.” 

Under the new ownership, Geek Fam Indonesia PUBG Mobile Team will now be rebranded to Livescape. 

Both teams will now fight it out amongst 16 teams to become the winner of the PMPL SEA Championship. 

Catch both Geek Fam Malaysia and Livescape in PUBG Mobile Professional League SEA Championships live starting on 21 May 2021.