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Patricia Aleckzandra | Gogagah

With Star Wars: Rogue One in cinemas this January, this timely and tear-jerking advertisement will surely make you emotional. The ad is part of Globe’s #Create campaign which promotes and protects the rights of Filipino girls and women. Globe has recently joined Plan International’s campaign to uplift Filipina girls and women who are more prone to gender discrimination, violence, and abuse.

Gaining 1.5 million views in just less that 24 hours, the ad features a young Star Wars fan wearing a Stormtrooper helmet. Why is she wearing one? Well, you better find it our yourself.

This is not the first time Globe Telecom tried to move its audience with something heart-warming. Globe has also released digital materials for their different hashtags like #DamingWays and #ShareYourStories. Through different varieties of storytelling, which includes short films or spoken poetry, Globe continues to offer its public a new viewing experience which also went viral while trying to make small differences in this big, crazy world we live in.

After a lot of Globe’s video going viral, netizens are now expecting more from the biggest leading telecom. Through their videos, we hope that Globe Telecom can make the world a better place.

You can check other Globe videos by going on their Youtube page: Globeph.

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