Google Translate now works on any app using your Android smartphone.
Google Translate now works on any app using your Android smartphone.

By Shin Jara @iamshinonymous

Whenever we travel from one place to another, we’ll encounter a very challenging scenario where we cannot understand what the sign says. It’s very hard to get directions.

Whenever we travel from one country to another, we always face the challenge of understanding the signs around us. How to find the right directions, how to buy food, where’s the comfort room, you name it.

But with the fast emergence mobile apps, it should never be hard for anyone to get any job done in a jiffy. That includes understanding multiple languages wherever you might be on earth, online or offline.

Image above courtesy from Google Translate

“Tap to Translate: instantly translate text within any app on your Android phone. No more app switching. Just copy the text and your translation pops up right there. “

With the latest version from Google Translate feature called, “Tap to Translate”, which lets you get a translation right where you are — without switching apps. How cool is that?!

Now, you can just copy the text from your Facebook messenger, whatsup chat, viber or whichever app you’re using, and a translation will pop up right there.

This new feature works for all 103 languages (now including Filipino) Translate supports on any Android phone running Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) and above.

Watch the video below to know more about this new features from Google Translate.


Get it now with the new Google Translate app for Android.

Other notable features are the ff:
* Type to translate 90 languages
* Use your camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages, including Filipino.
* Two-way automatic speech translation in 40 languages
* Draw with your finger as a keyboard alternative
* Download language packs for when you’re traveling, or if your connection is expensive or slow.
* Star and save translations for future reference
* Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations or for languages not supported by instant camera translation
*Some features may not be available in other languages.

However, iOS users are getting a new feature as well: support for offline translations, a feature already available on Android. To set up offline mode, just tap the arrow next to the language you need to translate to download the package for it. Though many users have already complained that the offline language downloads are too big, so Google reduced the filesize by 90%. Now, each language pack will take up 25MB of space on your phone compared to the previous filesize. Thank you Google for that!