Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me surely is one of your computer-animated film favorites. Now with its third installment, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures let us join the adventures of Gru, Lucy, and their kids-Margo, Edith and Agnes, plus the Minions in Despicable Me 3.


Despicable Me 3 starts off with Dru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) working for the Anti-Villain League. They run after Balthazar Bratt (South Park’s Trey Parker), a former 80s star who’s gone bitter from his Hollywood rejection, and who’s now causing havoc around the city. The duo fails to catch the villain, making Anti-Villain League’s new boss (Jenny Slate) fire them. As they try to adjust from being agents to being unemployed, Gru learns about his long-lost twin, Dru, who now lives in the country of Freedonia. He learns that they were separated at birth when their parents divorced.


The family flies to Freedonia to meet Dru. Dru is Gru’s opposite, who wears white, with blonde hair, and who has a positive outlook in life. He is rich, with all the gadgets needed for their mission. Dru shares his plan of becoming a villain like their father. But Gru, having shifted to the good side, feels reluctant to help Dru. But after, they both decide to push through to catch Balthazar Bratt, the villain who tosses bubblegum bombs around. Gru agreed because he secretly intends to get the diamond back to have the AVL hire him again.


Bratt may be one of the most entertaining villains you’ll ever meet because he dances to the 80s hits as he fights with Dru and Gru in the movie. He uses a weaponized guitar and engages in a dance fight with Gru, where Bratt loses.


Despicable Me 3


Agnes and her love for unicorns also gets a spot in the Despicable Me 3 movie, where she and her sister, Edith, goes out into the woods to search for a unicorn. She sets up a bait of colorful candies and treats, only to catch a goat with one horn.


Even the Minions had their spotlight in Despicable Me 3 with their musical numbers. They gave up on Gru because they wanted him to be a villain again, but Gru refused to go back to the bad side. So they walked away. They ended up performing in a talent search, and then landing in jail. But as adorable creatures, they managed to escape with a floating boat through a hilarious musical act.


Despicable Me 3


The sequences in Despicable Me 3 may have been squeezed in and lacks in coherence, but the minions’ fun vibes and Agnes’ twinkling eyes for unicorns made the movie all too well.


Photo credits: Despicable Me Facebook Page and Website.