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After years of saving, you have finally saved enough money to invest in a luxury watch. With a number of luxury brands and styles to choose from, what kind of watch are you going to buy? Are you going to buy one that you will wear only on special occasions? Or do you want a luxury watch complete with all the functionalities that you can wear every day?

According to Watchswiss.Com, here are some of the things you should do and look out for before going out to buy that luxury watch:

  1. Decide on a budget. Know and decide how much you are prepared to spend and what kind of luxury watch you want to get. Do you want to buy a particular brand or do you want a watch that has more features? Do your online research and find out what options are available for your proposed watch budget.
  2. Consider where you will wear your luxury watch. In addition to looking out for the brand and style that fits your budget, also research on the various genres and the complications that are available. For example, if you travel or do business abroad, a watch with a world time function will suit your needs. If your job or business requires you to attend social gatherings, you may want to consider buying a dress watch.  Other things to consider include the type of strap, size of the watch, if the watch is automatic or battery operated.
  3. Know how to use and set the complications. Once you have decided on the watch to buy, make sure that you know how to use and set the complications. For example, do you need to wind the watch before changing the settings, or do you correct the calendar or read a chronograph properly?
  4. Find out about the warranty for the watch you want to buy. Almost all reputable watch brands offer some sort of warranty but the conditions and durations may vary. The industry standard is a two-year warranty period. Rolex, on the other hand, has been offering a five-year warranty since 2015.
  5. Always buy a luxury watch from an authorized dealer. Buying from an authorized dealer will guarantee the authenticity of the product with accompanying papers. It also ensures that you will receive any available warranty and the terms will be honored. The authorized dealer also has direct links with the brands and this helps in organizing repairs, services, ordering parts and ensures that warranty claims run smoothly.
  6. Purchasing a luxury watch comes with after-sales procedures. If you need to have your watch repaired, find out if you just need to present your watch or if you need to bring the receipt. In general, servicing and repairs can be done at the watch boutique unless it needs to be returned to the manufacturer.

When you have finally bought the watch of your dreams, be sure to know how to look after your luxury watch. Here are some tips on how to care for it:

  •  Be wary of water, heat, and magnets. Take note of the limitations of your luxury watch.
  • Keep it clean and find out how to clean it. Clean your luxury watch on a regular basis to remove dirt and dust. If the strap is leather, avoid getting it wet because it can eventually damage the material. Also, avoid chemicals like cleaning products and perfumes.
  • If you purchased a manual luxury watch, make sure that you keep it running. The mechanical movements need to be kept moving on a fairly regular basis or it will stop as the oil dries. Wind your manual luxury watch regularly but do not overwind it. 
  • Has your watch serviced every three to five years? The mechanical components need to be cleaned, oiled and water resistance seals replaced.

It is not every day that you get the chance to purchase a luxury watch. If and when you do, make sure that the experience is worth the investment.

It is not every day that you get the chance to purchase a luxury watch. If and when you do, make sure that the experience is worth the investment. In Tempus Philippines you will experience a luxury life because of the luxury watch they’re selling. Purchasing a luxury watch here at Tempus Philippines is the best investment you will ever have.


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