A timepiece does not only complement a man’s taste in fashion. Compared to other must-have accessories, it accentuates one’s sense of what matters in life. This significance is not lost on watch aficionados who are very particular about watch complications.

What is a watch complication? It is a feature on timepieces that adds a function beyond the ability to measure hours, minutes, and seconds (simple movement). There can be more than one additional element added to the watch that gratifies the watch buyers’ fancy for wearable conveniences. Watch complications also allow watch aficionados to enjoy the luxury of the inventions of great watchmakers.  The following are the different kinds of watch complications:

Popular Complications

Calendar TempusDate.  One of the most common complications in timepieces is the date display. Typically, the date is a digital number shown in a small date window or aperture. In a Day-Date complication, you can see the day of the week, which is either beside the date or located on the dial.  Meanwhile, Analog Date complication allows you to check the date through a center crescent pointing to calendar numbers that are located outside the dial part. In some special watches, an analog date could be a separate, small sub-dial.

Calendar If you always forget to change your calendar, then it would good to have a Triple Calendar complication. It shows you the month of the year and the day of the week. The only catch is you must set it after every month. Perpetual Calendar functionality is the perfect answer to this problem. It has the month, day, date, and year, and you just need to adjust it by 2100.  Another choice is the Annual Calendar complication. It also displays accurate month, day and date, but you need to reset it every last day of February.

Time zone TempusTime Zone. Suitable for business or leisure travelers are the wristwatches with a Dual Time Zone complication. It can remind wearers about the time in their home country and the place they visit. World Time complication is for globetrotters, fliers, or world travelers. Thanks to its rotating bezel it can tell 24 different time zones in major cities in the world. An example of this is the Tissot Heritage Navigator.

Tempus chronographChronograph.  Watches with Chronograph functionality are the best for sporty individuals and aviation-related professionals who are into the timekeeping function. There are three types to choose from— monopusher (one-push button), Rattrapante or split-second chronograph (two-second hands), and flyback (automatically adjusts counters to zero if the second button is pushed).

Distinct Complications

Power Reserve Indicator. Contrary to battery-powered quartz watches, a mechanical timepiece works because of its mainspring or clockwork mechanism. The flip side of it is the limited power which requires you to hand-wound the mechanism periodically. With the Power Reserve Indicator, owners will know when to wind their mechanical watches.

Minute Repeater TempusMinute Repeater. When electricity was not yet realized, the Minute Repeater complication already let people check the time even in the dark. It is through its slide lever that, when pushed, you hear three series of chimes which translate to hours (low tone), quarter hours (high to low consecutive tones), and additional minutes (high tone).  For example, you would hear three-hour chimes, then one-quarter chime and one-minute chime if the time is 3:16.

Tourbillon. Gravity and constant movement affect time accuracy in a watch. The Tourbillon complication solves that as it balances and counters time-keeping errors. Its functionality is not as useful or as accurate, but tourbillon boasts the distinct engineering of horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet, which is why it considered high-end.

moon phase Tempus watch complicationsMoon Phase.  The Moon is such a fascinating sight in that it has new, full, half, and quarter phases. Tracking it is can be simple as checking time through a Moon Phase complication in a watch. For watch enthusiast, this complication makes timepieces special, and for sailors, it is valuable to check the tides.

There are more watch complications out there. Some are common like the Alarm functionality, classics like Jump Hour (an answer to know exact hour easily), and exceptional like Equation of Time (displays both real solar time and modern-day time).  But whatever watch functionality you choose, it is good to note that complications in timepieces mean ingeniousness in their creations. Hooray to Horologists!



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