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When it comes to timepieces, the watch straps are clearly visible and possibly, the next important part after watch cases. They are vital for the aesthetic and functionality of timepieces so it’s a smart move to have watchbands that are sturdy, comfortable to use, and attractive.

Why you should carefully choose your watch straps?

Attractive. From afar, the visible part of a watch is it strap or band. If it is not striking enough, it looks like ordinary bracelet jewelry or accessory at first glance. For business corporate and formal attire, it should be clearly and noticeably a dress watch so it complements your ensemble or the vibe you want to radiate.  Furthermore, you don’t like that your watch strap ruins your fashion statement. For this reason, some manufacturers offer watches that come with different colors of straps.

Strength.  Even if a watch has a good chronometer, case, complications or design, they going to be pointless with a feeble strap. The function of watchbands not primarily to beautify the appearance of timepieces, but to secure them on wrists.

Comfortable.  The straps also can dictate if people will wear their timepieces often and longer. If it happens that it is ill-fitting, you will need to adjust it on your wrist for countless times while you’re doing something. If you’re too busy to bother with this thing, you will just remove and set aside your watch.

If not careful, you may also subject to experience skin irritation such as contact dermatitis because of your watchband.  Remember that there are people who get rashes or allergy because of certain elements. So to save yourself from this health concern, you need to know if you’re fit to wear leather, nylon, or metal watchband.


Type of Watch Straps

Metal. Metal watchbands leave an impression of a modern and robust outlook.  They can also make someone looks athletic or aristocratic. However, you should be aware that they appear bigger and heavier than other types of straps. So it’s not advisable for you to use it if you have a small or medium size wrist.

Metal bracelets are also hard to repair or replace because they usually created with interconnected parts. This translates to exerting effort in going to a watch repair shop because it takes expertise to entangle or connect it.

Nylon. Flexible than metal is the bands made in Nylon, which can be Zulu, NATO or Perlon.  NATO straps are initially created for the British Military during the 70s so it’s designed to be flexible with its single-piece material and sturdy for combat.

Zulu is thicker and sturdy than NATO.  It’s perfect if you have a large wrist or big watch case.  However, if you haven’t and prefer a strap with a single-piece fabric, then NATO or Perlon is fit for you.  Perlon is considered one of the most comfortable to use watch straps. Its weave pattern is like what you see in the baskets, which in effect, can make your wrist breathe more air. Furthermore, it can easily dry, adjust to different wrist sizes, and resist abrasion. This is why it’s the cool watchband if you like water adventures such as diving or rafting. The only problem with Perlon is it’s also one of the hardest to find among watch straps, particularly if you’re not living in a European country.

Leather. Though the common type, a leather watchband can make your timepiece appears a luxury, dress or casual accessory. These days you can see a variety of its color, texture, design, and style like the calfskin or alligator style leather. However, you should mind the quality of the leather watch straps you buy, which can be “top leather,” “genuine leather,” or “full-grain leather.” The latter is considered the best one when it comes to durability.

Rubber. Modern like metal, casual like nylon, and fashionable like leather— rubber straps are the keys why rubber are also the best seller watch straps. They also look great for sporty watches, that’s why you see a lot of people choose to have this type of watch band when they go to the gym, sports court, or adventure.

As you can see, there are a lot of different watch strap out there to choose from, each with their own appeal, strengths, and weaknesses. If you need help trying to figure out which strap is best for you, it is best to actually get hands-on with the timepieces and get a feel for them on your wrist to test just how comfortable they are to you. You can do so at Tempus Philippines, where you can find brands like Tissot, Frédérique Constant, and Rado, high-quality brands that use only the best watch straps in their products.


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