One of well-known It's Showtime's host, Vice Ganda
One of well-known It’s Showtime’s host, Vice Ganda |

The flagship variety show is well-known by many because of its comedic celebrity hosts led by Jose Viceral or famously known as Vice Ganda. He may not be a journalist but as a media personality, he is still expected to uphold to certain ethical standards based on the Broadcast Code of the Philippines. As a comedian, he effortlessly makes people laugh of off their feet through his impersonations and variety of jokes but there are countless of occasions when he failed to abide by the principles by disrespecting certain personalities and common people. As a variety show, it uses news values such as human interest and prominence for making their events newsworthy.

Sine Mo ‘To segment has the capacity to arouse interest because of its well-known and humorous hosts however on its episode last year on the 16th of December a chosen audience member who was obviously old and weak with almost bald head was the source of amusement. Vice Ganda was guilty of discrimination as he offensively compared the old man to a coconut.

In the KBP Code of Ethics Section 2 of Article 28, it stipulates that persons who appear in live programs, variety shows, game shows and other similar programs shall not be embarrassed, insulted, ridiculed, harassed or humiliated in whatever manner. Vice Ganda is expected to treat the audience with utmost respect and sensitivity.

On the same day, Jhong Hilario kissed Vice Ganda behind his ears which caused a “tickling sensation,” as written on a blog in WordPress on media ethics.

It was not funny, it was mahalay considering the variety of the viewers: live and on TV, the blogger expressed.

The comedian did not stand by the on-air decorum under Article 28 Section 1 wherein persons who appear on TV programs shall behave appropriately based on the standards of the community.

Although his co-hosts asked him to lay low with the jokes which was in adherence of media ethics to comport themselves in public, it was followed by repetitive jokes of “Bakit matigas?” which was a green joke understood by most of the audience which is another violation under Article 25 Section 3 that indicated the prohibition of sexual depictions and Section 5 wherein vulgar double meanings even if understood only by a part of the audience should be avoided.

I anticipate that the noontime shows’ humor will be from the audience’ appearances and hosts’ bad-mannered jokes. Nevertheless they should strive to create a program wherein comedy may be from wit so that people may be educated and at the same time entertained properly and not merely humiliating the audience due to their imperfections.

(via Joselle Janolo)