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Yes, the Red Lantern Corps is here, and ready to dispense their brand of justice with the red hot fury of anger.

As announced in January, Wizkids is introducing DC HeroClix: War of Light, a six-month storyline Organized Play program starting in June 2014. See Wizkids site for more on the OP program,

HeroClix: War of Light Red Lantern Corps CREDIT: WizKids

The Red Lantern Corps feeds off the anger of injustice, but unlike the other corps, there’s a very specific catch. You see, the Red Ring actually replaces your heart when you are chosen to wear it, and your blood is switched out with the literal embodiment of rage. Once you’re red, you’re red for life – to remove the ring would be to remove your heart.

So this isn’t like “oh I missed a sale by one day” or “I can’t believe I died again in this video game” or “they’re doing WHAT to my favorite comic book character on the big screen?” kinds of rage. Reds have been chosen for little things like the complete annihilation of their entire race, being murdered for their sense of justice, or in the case of Dex-Starr the cat Red Lantern (and yes, you can see him in that group shot), watching your human be killed.

There is one small neutralizing catch, and that’s that Blue Lanterns can actually flush the rage out safely, restarting a Red Lantern’s heart and disconnecting their rings. Unfortunately for any Red Lanterns who would like an out in the current DC Universe, there aren’t any Blues left at the moment.

While the Reds fall to the left of the Greens on the emotional spectrum and are therefore often looked at as “bad guys,” both the comics and other mediums like animation have already shown how Reds, seeking justice, can actually learn to control their rage and truly use it for the forces of good. Just don’t expect Atrocitus, their de facto leader, to be shaking hands with a GL anytime soon.

Stay tuned on Friday for the next solo character group, with a close look at seven of the Red Lanterns.

HeroClix: War of Light Red Lantern Corps