High School Musical

Patricia Aleckzandra | Gogagah

We are all in this together… now until forever!

CALLING ALL WILDCATS! Disney FINALLY confirmed that the HSM fever will continue! And it will get better. Since the series ended last 2008, rumors have been circulating that there will be yet again another installation of it. This 2016, Disney has announced that they will come back to East High with a lot of surprises. For sure, HSM fanatics are going crazy over the news. To give you a brief “what we (the fans) want to see in the upcoming series, here are five things we can point out for you. Prod team and creatives, you better write this down.

  • All new cast. Troy, Gab, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, Taylor and more. These group of teens had been one of the most influential people in this generation. Who would not want to see them all on screen again? Yet, the dream of any HSM fanatics to see them all in the fourth series may be a bit impossible because – let’s face it – they’re too old to be high school kids. The production team has released new characters which everyone is dying to meet. Watch out for the stars that will play as Erin, Derek, Campbell and more.
  • Wildcats meets Knights. With the new team of Wildcats, there are also new crops that the fourth series would want to include, and that is the East High rivals – the West High Knights. Creators and producers wanted to include the other team in musical masterpiece. Watch out for Knights seeing and dancing.
  • Troy and Gab? Woah. Wait! You just said… I know what I said. The original casts are too old to be in high school but are not too old to be part of the cast. In a spoiler released by Gamenguide, there are talks that Troy and Gabriella will get married. After finding out that the Zac and Vanessa pair-up is still a high-demand, creators have talked to both of them about possible roles they might be on. Besides, in an interview, Efron said that he and Vanessa have disclosed whatever issues they have between them. Hmm, does this mean a Zacbriella wedding?
  • New songs to sing and groove along. What is a musical movie without music? Fans are looking forward to the new music and choreography including big production numbers, slower ballads, and renditions of famous productions of the last three series with a slight modern touch just to show the years that went buy. Are we going to see familiar choreos? let ‘s just all wish for that.
  • The East High feels. Finally, the thing every Wildcat at heart craves for is to feel that East High vibe again! We want to feel the same welcoming sensation that the original casts made us feel. We want music and choreography that we can sing and dance with. Even if the story of this series would differ from the last three, we would still appreciate it as long as we still can feel we are welcome in East High. Because, like what Troy said on their graduation day, once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

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