The independent game scene has changed dramatically over the last five years. It’s easier than ever to self-publish a game on a variety of platforms — but it’s also arguably more difficult to get players to actually pick your game out from the crowd.

New platforms have arisen, while some mainstay sales avenues have drastically evolved. For hard data on exactly how the state of indie game sales has changed, look no further than the “The Turning Tide: Independent Game Sales in 2015” session at GDC 2015.

In this updated version of the classic Game Sales 101 session from GDC 2009, TinyBuild Games’ Mike Rose will explore the state of indie game sales in the present day, discuss what these figures mean for both new and veteran indie studios, and compare and contrast the modern indie scene with that of 2009.

Attendees will gain insight into what they can expect in terms of sales, if they plan to launch games for PC, mobile, console and beyond in the coming years. Plus, the insights shared during the talk will be based on real sales figures from a wide range of developers across all platforms, equipping you with usable information rather than conjecture.

Rose’s talk will be part of the conference’s Independent Games Summit, a series of cutting-edge talks on the topic from leading experts in the industry.

It’s just one of eight Summits that will take place Monday, March 2nd and Tuesday, March 3rd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco during the first two days of GDC 2015.

A list of all announced talks is available in the online GDC 2015 Session Scheduler, where you can begin to build your conference week and later export it to the up-to-the-minute GDC Mobile App, coming soon.

Also, conference officials look forward to announcing more GDC 2015 sessions spanning a diverse array of game industry issues in the months ahead.

For now, don’t miss the opportunity to save money by registering early — the deadline to register for passes at a discounted rate is January 21, 2015. GDC 2015 itself will take place March 2-6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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