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For a mere accessory, the price tags of wristwatches are expensive. Some may even equal to the amount of a second-hand vehicle or a two-semester college course. But then again, watches are no ordinary body ornaments. They’re carefully crafted to offer reliable time. However, don’t be fooled with the idea that high price watches automatically have superior classes. You can still find expensive ones, but fake or have low values. The following are the five ways to identify high quality watches:

Doubt if it’s too light.

Watches come in different sizes and shapes. Many are thick, while some are thin. But it is rare you find a big size watch with thick case that is too light in weight.  If it is, question the caliber of the materials inside of it. The watch may look fine in the outside, but if it inside parts are no good it may ended a throwaway item.

Made from where?

While it’s also good to discover high quality watches made from different parts of the world, it’s no doubt that timepieces from Switzerland and Japan are considered high quality watches.

Switzerland has century-old makers, who are all these years doing their best to bring timepieces with various superb movements, useful complications, and sturdy designs. These are so sturdy that they can use even for diving, running, aviation and more. However be cautious about the difference between the “Swiss Made” and “Swiss movement” labels. The latter means the watch is not created or at least not entirely in Switzerland. In that case, it’s also not inspected by the Swiss watchmaking authority to check its quality.

Meanwhile, Japan watchmakers are also renowned for their excellent works. They contribution to bring quartz watches that reputably best in precision.

What brand?

Given that the Japanese and Swiss made are known as high quality watches, still be also critical on particular watchmakers to trust from those places. Some may labelled their creations “made from Japan” or “made from Switzerland” just to lure buyers and to satisfy their expectations. So in this regard, being brand conscious is not a vanity but necessity.

The watch movement is?

Speaking movement, it’s one of the most important watch components that you should meticulously review. It is because this part shows the intricate engineering of a watch. If it’s low in class, then it is unreliable. You will notice this if a watch shows inaccurate time—either it speeds up fast or slow.

To double check the authenticity of high quality watches you see, find its reference number. Watches with Japanese movements, Miyota and Hattori, have reference number with letters. On the other hand, you can verify a timepiece’s Swiss movement by looking on its ETA label with numbers. You may also research if the Swiss movement in your watch passes COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres). This instutions can testifies if the Swiss movement is accurate.

Has it quality materials? 

Parts and materials used in making watches are also classified based on their quality. So don’t simply choose leather over metal strap, but choose the best class of leather strap for your watch. In case you don’t know, there are full grain leather, top leather, and genuine leather. While it sounds like an ordinary material, full grain leather is better because its quality lasts longer.  If you choose watch with metal steel band, then check if its grade has 316L and up. It is magnetic and rust resistant.

Another material to check is the crystal cover of the watch. Over the years, there different kinds of crystal that makers use as a cover faces for their timepieces. They can be mineral, acrylic, and sapphire. Sapphire comes to the top crystal because it’s so tough that it makes a watch resistant to scratches.

Another great tip to help you to easily identify high quality watches is to go or buy only from trusted watch stores. Most likely, these stores trained their staff to identify quality timepieces and they should be authorized dealers of authentic high quality watches.

There are different shops that you may find high quality watches but the Watch Store is the best place where you can find that suite to your budget. It is a great place to look for a timepiece that will accompany you day by day on whatever journey you are on.


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