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Gogagah.com | Instagram Tools That Can Make Your E-Commerce Venture More Profitable | Instagram has fast emerged as an e-commerce marketer’s delight because not only does it boast of a mammoth base of more than one billion monthly active users but https://sproutsocial.com highlights that it also has the highest rate of engagement among all social media networks. While initially, Instagram allowed only one link in the bio section, it is fast becoming more e-commerce friendly by launching a host of features that make it easier for users to shop to their heart’s content. Additionally, there is a large array of tools that marketers can use to take their e-commerce brand to greater heights. Some of the top ones detailed:


All Instagram marketers know the value of organizing contests, competition, and giveaways to boost the engagement rate of free Instagram followers, add to the follower count, increase your email subscription list, and ultimately, boost your online sales. However, for busy marketers, organizing and managing these activities can take more time and effort than they readily have. Wishpond is a great tool for creating, launching and managing hashtag photo contests that can create a buzz around your e-commerce brand. All you need to do is to create a branded hashtag and set the rules for the contest and Wishpond will automatically track every Instagram post that is tagged with the specified hashtag. The in-built analytics also lets you monitor the performance of your content in real-time so that you can post more promos to encourage more participation or create some excitement. Using the analytics, you can improve your subsequent contests.


The quality of the content that you post on your Instagram account can have a direct and immediate bearing on the success of your e-commerce venture. While brands have resorted to using professional photographers to generate very high-quality photographs and videos, user-generated content bears an unmistakable stamp of authenticity that has a greater impact on your real Instagram followers and elevates the credibility of your brand far more. Taggd is a tool that first collates all Instagram photos with a specified hashtag and allows you to show them on specific product pages along with your own photos. You can also use Taggd to source original images from other users with their permission to use in paid advertisements; this can save you a lot of time and money that is typically involved in generating high-quality original photos. Using Taggd to make available user-generated photos also serves to provide the necessary social proof of product acceptance by customers that convince prospects to actually convert. Taggd offers various plans for businesses to customize their preferences.


For your e-commerce business to succeed, it is important to have an editorial calendar that is solid. It is really important to think ahead and schedule the posting of your Instagram content well ahead so that you can not only maintain consistency but also free up your time to devote to other important marketing activities. Later makes it very easy for you to schedule your Instagram posts with its intuitive drag-and-drop feature, while its simple interface lets to visualize your feed realistically.


Instagram offers immense opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs to showcase their products and offer a compelling proposition to prospects. Using some of the tools available can make the task simpler and increase the potential for sustainable profitability.

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