samsung galaxy note 7

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH

It seems like the iPhone has found it’s adversary in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

In one quick tap, a tiny red light begins to scan the phone owners irises to ensure that the person holding it was authorized to access the phone. This is how the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.1 unlocks.

One of the biggest features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its iris scanner. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now stands out from competition due to its large screen size, and with the added feature of a stylus. The new big phone of Samsung was launched last August 19.  The Note 7 offers a new ergonomic and sleek design, an enhanced styles, same camera specification as the Galaxy S7 and new software tweaks that makes it even more innovative.

The Note 7 beat the expected launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung and Apple are neck in neck, when it comes to smartphone manufacturer and vendors competition in the world.

The Note 7 is water-resistant, a better stylus, an iris scanner and 3 times more storage compared to the last one, and it charges wirelessly.

The new Note 7 looks similar to last years Note 5, but a bit slimmer and easy to hold, water-resistant, dust-proof and the usual Samsung fast-charging capability.

Samsung boasts of two ways to access the Note 7. The first one is by iris scanning, and the second which is a fingerprint sensor neatly installed under the home button.

One added advantage for the Note 7 is its 64GB of storage, aside from an SD card slot, just in case you still need the extra storage, if the 64 GB is not enough. The iPhone is expected to carry 128 GB of storage but doesn’t have the same SD card slot feature of Note 7.

A single charge on Samsung’s new smartphone will last more than a full day, which is great for those who are frequently in need of charging the phone.

Aside from the 2,560×1,440 AMOLED screen, it also has the same 12-megapixel camera as the Galaxy S7, which captures rich, vibrant shots. The Note 7’s camera produces bolder and more vivid colors compared to  the iPhone 6s Plus.

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