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If you are used to working on a laptop, shifting to the iPad Pro might be a bad choice for you. Although the 12.9 inch tablet from Apple is an awesome looking piece of technology, it fails to convince me that this can be a suitable replacement for laptops. The keyboard lacks a touchpad, which makes it difficult to se, and the kickstand only allows the device to a limited viewing angle.me, and its restrictive kickstand allows for only a single awkward viewing angle.

The device isn’t that bad when we talk about performance and battery life, however the price is way to steep for me.

The only difference between the iPad Pro and the other previous models of iPad is the size. The 12.9 inch screen offers more working space and eliminates the cramped feeling when you use it.

The iPad Pro’s lightweight feel is light enough to make it a more extremely commuter friendly device compared to its competitions.

There are only a few laptops that give you the option to detach the display when you want a tablet instead. The iPad Pro snaps easily on and off its magnetic keyboard dock, which comes in handy for using touch-screen apps.

The iPad Pro’s size and weight of the system makes it difficult to comfortably hold the device in the air, although not that relevant, I am just saying. You’ll probably spend most of your time working with the iPad Pro resting on a desk, or on your lap, than on your palms.

The 12.9-inch display proves to be the perfect size for mobile productivity, having enough room for screen-intensive tasks such as editing large documents or spreadsheets.  It’s split-screen multitasking feature can make the user feel comfortable.

The iPad Pro’s display looks awesome, with its rich color display and crisp texts.  The iPad Pro still proves to be having one of the prettiest displays on a tablet.

The iPad Pro’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner is a great addition to Apple’s new tablet release as the scanner is embedded in the slate’s circular home button. Setting it up takes just a few minutes, and the scanner felt extremely responsive, with one quick touch. Giving workers an option to keep their device locked down without worrying about entering their password every time they turn the screen on.

Mobile workers / travelers will like the iPad Pro’s epic battery life. The battery will last 10 hours and 4 minutes as per  battery life test results, made by Apple.

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