It looks like an iPad mini... but it's the Nokia N1.

by Rey Beltran |

Did you really think Nokia will just fade into the background when Microsoft took over? One can say that while Blackberry is at its last breath… apparently, Nokia isn’t giving up. They’re now venturing into the tablet territory with its N1.

Revealed during the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Spain, Nokia N1 got more than a handful of people all excited about it. Already available in China for around $250, Nokia N1 looks like it will give the competition a run for their money.

While N1 closely resembles an iPad mini, that’s where the similarity begins and ends.  It gives off that vibe that this is an Android iPad, which can be a boon and a bane. And while it’s branded as a Nokia device, it’s actually made by Foxconn, a giant Taiwanese manufacturing company. Yes, Nokia has licensed Foxconn to carry its brand name because Foxconn believes the brand still has a big following in China.

The N1 is powered by Nokia Z’s Android launcher. So, again, this is an iPad running on Android. The Z Android launcher is still in beta form and currently available in the Play Store just in case you want to try it out.

On the plus side, the N1 has that premium feel to it. Not as premium as the iPad mini but you know that you are holding a gadget that’s top of the line. It has a fully laminated 7.9 inch screen that with a 2,046 x 1,536 display. It’s thin at 6.9mm and weighs lighter than the iPad mini at 318 g. Instead of a lightning port, you have a USB Type C reversible connector. The N1 is powered by a 2.3Ghz Atom processor and has a 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage.  Considering that the Z Android is still in its beta phase, the apps were running smoothly with some occasional glitches on its animation or stutter.

According to Nokia, after weeks of regular use, you will hardly tap on the screen more than once to navigate. And if the app you want to use isn’t displayed in an instant, there are other ways to get to it. Like drawing out an “o” or an “e” on screen to get a list of all apps that starts with the letter you drew. Or, just swipe from one side to get a full list from A to Z. While this is how far as the Z Android launcher can do for now, if its projected adaptive feature will work as planned, and Foxconn/Nokia can get it out of its beta phase, then the they will have a superior tablet in Nokia N1.

The Nokia N1. Coming soon to your nearest gadget and cellphone dealers.