KindyROO Singapore Introduces Playgroups 2020-Gogagah

25 February 2020, Singapore – What started off as a search for their child with developmental delay to gain independence eventually set Shee Hock Ai Ling and her husband, Ho Wee Beng, on a completely new career path. When informed by medical and education professionals that their firstborn son will never be able to attend mainstream school, the couple set out to find a remedy for their child – one that would enable him to take care of himself. Their son is now independent and qualifies for mainstream secondary school education. With hope renewed by neuro-based therapy, Ai Ling and Wee Beng set up KindyROO in 2014 and has primed thousands of children for optimal learning.

KindyROO is a child development program from Australia that specializes in developing and integrating the eight core areas of development for optimal learning – vestibular, visual, auditory, speech, gross and fine motor, social and emotional, and cognitive. Research shows that the brain is the most receptive during the first five years of age to achieve these eight areas of developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are the windows to the brain. For example, when a child stands naturally at nine months old, it shows that the brain has gained a certain level of development in vestibular system, visual auditory system, anti-gravity, balance, stability, muscle tone, and cognitive system.

KindyROO has 150 centres all over the world, testimony to their effectiveness and efficacy. To celebrate KindyROO Singapore’s five years of establishment, having helped thousands of children, it will be introducing morning playgroups to enable more children to benefit from the program. KindyROO Singapore will have playgroups from 9.30am to 12pm on weekdays, for age groups 18 to 36 months. KindyROO is suitable for children from six weeks to six years old.

KindyROO’s weekly sensory-movement activities have helped babies and children get ahead on their developmental milestones and be ahead in their learning. The program meets developmental outcomes, in accordance with developmental milestones used by well recognized pediatricians and is structured into two parts. 

Every move, every sequence, and every repetition are backed by science and enhanced with natural play.

Too often, parents may not have the time or knowledge to give their child a holistic education and childhood – one that encourages movement and sensory development across the entire body. The natural progression of growth is also impeded by today’s modern lifestyle that is dominated by convenience foods and smart gadgets. The Hos encourage parents who wish to improve their children’s learning abilities through neurological age-appropriate activities and experiences to try KindyROO.

Says Ai Ling, Director of KindyROO Singapore, “Compared to most programs in Singapore that only provide opportunities to children on the basis that their brain abilities are already developed, we develop children holistically and sequentially from lower brain to cortex, understanding and addressing the root cause of a child’s developmental progress. Under the KindyROO programme, children move specifically and repetitively to strengthen their lower brain foundation which not only helps them perform better but also aids them in times of high stress.”

Trial classes are available at SGD88 per session with one to one assessment included. Please contact or +65 6262 1017 to book.


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About KindyROO Singapore

Founded in 2014, KindyROO Singapore is a child development program from Australia that specializes in enhancing learning abilities through neuroscience. It helps children develop their eight core areas of development for optimal learning through fun sensory-movement activities backed by scientific evidence. KindyROO aims to help children meet their developmental milestones and get ahead in their learning through classes that are divided into various age-appropriate stages which are held weekly.