Breast Milk | All that the baby needs in the first months of life is in breast milk. Many moms feel that it is necessary to increase the production of breast milk. But what to do? All milk that is produced by moms is the best food in the world. All protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and water your baby needs. In addition, its protection passes to it through the white blood cells, protecting it from many diseases. Just like the online safe period calculator. It helps the women to count on their menstrual cycle. It never misses the date, so keep you aware all the time. Breastfeeding is a newborn’s right and is the only food indicated until it completes 6 months, protecting it from allergies, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, meningitis and other diseases. It helps in the formation of the dental arch and the mouth.

What are the best 8 natural foods?

This is a phase of doubts and learning, so do not be ashamed to ask for help if you cannot do it alone. For example, if you cannot maintain your dates, you can rely on an online safe periodcalculator. Many cities have milk bank and there, they can help you with the correct technique and tips to improve breastfeeding for you and the baby even if you do not give milk.

Fennel seed

The fennel seed, much used to make teas and even to season salads or add in sauces, is a great food for those who need to give that gas in the production of breast milk. Some experts in women’s nutrition and health believe that this seed has compounds that stimulate mammary glandular production, increasing the volume of milk offered by the mother. Besides this great advantage, the sweet grass can also help to prevent some cramps in the baby, since its characteristics are absorbed by them also in the milk.


Who does not love basil in a typical recipe, does not it? This tasty ingredient is also a great help for moms who need to increase milk production. Being rich in vitamin K, this nutrient acts directly on the ability of the mammary glands to produce breast milk. In addition, basil has an important calming effect for the woman sinceit manages to produce even more milk.

Dill seed

Another powerful seed that can help in the production of breast milk is dill seed – not so popular in our diet. It can be used to make teas, to make granolas and even to season some foods. This seed is an excellent source of iron and calcium, essential nutrients for the production of nutritious breast milk.


Eating whole carbohydrates is also essential for anyone who wants to have a satisfactory milk production. Oatmeal is a good choice for those who need to increase their intake of calories, dietary fiber, iron, and calcium, leaving the breast milk more nutritious and enhanced to satisfy the baby. Besides oats, there are other grains and seeds that are indispensable during pregnancy!


Those who enjoy salmon can take advantage of some of the fish that are so nutritious for milk production. The omega 3 found in the meat of this fish is one of those responsible for improving the production of breast milk and directly influence the brain formation of the baby after consumed by him in breastfeeding.


Stop to think about what is the main composition of the milk produced by you. Water, right? This is why it is so important that you drink plenty of water to avoid compromising the production of breast milk. It is recommended that the mother take about three to four liters of water per day (to stay hydrated and produce milk), also mixed with juices and soups, which also increase daily water intake.

Natural Juices

Natural juices and water Breast milk is composed of about 85% water, so it is important that the mother is hydrated. If it dehydrates, there is a chance it will decrease production. In addition, many mothers will naturally feel thirsty during the very act of breastfeeding. It is a sign of the body that it is in need of liquid. Natural juices are a different option for the infant to stay hydrated, but it is not that some specific fruit will help in the production of milk. Caffeine-free teas are also a good source of liquid.

Vegetable Soup

The most important thing in an infant’s diet is that it has a balanced diet with foods from all food groups. And liquid foods are a way for consumed nutrients to be quickly transformed into breast milk. In addition, soups are nutritious and usually low-calorie options. Not to mention that the preparation is easy, which also facilitates the life of the mothers who need to take care of the baby and the house.