Laptops for Writers | Laptops for Writers | If you’re a writer, you would need a laptop that suits your needs. Without a doubt, a writer’s laptop is their best friend. And like a best friend, your computer must be there for you even when the going gets tough! Writers who get paid to do homework know a lot about it and we asked for their opinion.

To choose the best laptop for writers, we considered things such as affordability, portability, reliability, keyboard feel, battery life, and more. Without further ado, let’s explore the best laptops for writers in 2020. 

  • Affordable Laptops

The affordability of a laptop is key for many new writers. You can find budget-friendly laptops if you can compromise on storage space and other fancy add-ons.

The HP Chromebook is one of the most affordable laptops starting at about $250. It has a near 13-hours battery life, offline functionality of Google Docs, and 100GB of storage on Google Drive.

  • Laptop with the best battery life

As a writer, you may need to get some writing done on the move when you’re struck with inspiration. What better laptop can suit your purpose than one with 19+ hours of continuous run-time? Take a good look at the Dell XPS 13 FHD version that starts at only $899.99!

  • Most portable laptop

No writer wants a laptop that weighs them down. You don’t have to go for a heavy laptop when you have the Acer Swift 7 laptop up for grabs! It starts at $1,499 and weighs under three pounds!

  • Laptop with the best keyboard

Sometimes, a responsive keyboard is all a writer needs to keep writing as they get ideas. Not all laptops deliver the ergonomic keyboard essential for writers, but the HP Spectre ×360 does! It starts at $959.99 and has a softly backlit keyboard with deep key travel. 

  • Most reliable laptop

Unlike mobile devices, a laptop is hardly something you want to upgrade frequently. If you want a durable laptop that comes with warranty options and customer support, then an Apple Store is where to look. 

The classic MacBook Air is a laptop that can stand the test of time, and it starts at $899. Besides, you can check out the ASUS ZenBook 13. It is a tough guy that meets the military standards for reliability and durability, and it starts at $975.32. 

  • Laptop with the best screen display

A good screen display comes in handy when a writer wants to open multiple documents side-by-side. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 is probably the best in this show and starts at #899.99. It has a 14” screen with full HD touchscreen support. Another laptop in this category is the Dell Inspiron 15 700, which starts at $899.99. It has a 15.6” screen and travels well!

  • Best 2-in-1 laptop

With a 2-in-1 laptop, you can enjoy the features of both a tablet and a full-sized keyboard. If you’re always on the move, you will appreciate these features. The HP Elite Dragonfly starts at $1,399.99 and is an easy 2-in-1 option for writers that require versatility. If you’re not ready to break the bank, then the Lenovo Yoga Book C930, which starts at $899.99, is a great option!

  • Best laptop for entrepreneurs

Many writers double as small business owners and need laptops that can serve them well. The MacBook Pro starting at $1299.99 or the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, which starts at $649, is a great option!


There’s a laptop that fits your needs no matter what you want!