environmental children's books

Environmental children’s books are increasingly taking up spaces in bookshelves today as awareness on climate change becomes a priority for parents and teachers. As we all know, the Earth’s climate has changed over the years, mostly due to human activities. Effects of this change include temperature rise, a decrease in ice sheets mass, warming up of oceans, glacial retreat, and a rise of sea level. Most of us really get affected by these natural occurrences, and some couldn’t even help but feel fear for what’s yet to come.

Though these concepts cannot be well understood by children especially the technical and scientific side, there are many ways available to teach them about what’s happening with our surroundings. As a tech-savvy generation, one of the best and easiest way of educating kids about climate change and the environment is through videos, photos, and apps. Kids today are getting used to holding milk bottles in one hand and a tablet or smartphone on another. With the right guidance, the use of technology can be beneficial to kids.

Kids can easily learn the concept of climate change and awareness of this occurrence through moving pictures and videos. But talking about books, a kid may rather tap on a tablet than flip pages, right? Pacha’s Pajamas, one of the environmental children’s books available today, makes it easy for kids to learn through a physical book but still use a gadget while reading.

Pacha’s Pajamas is about a little girl, Pacha, who wears a pajama that magically takes her to imaginary worlds in her dreams. There, she meets and goes to adventures with musical plants and dancing animals so they could all save the planet. Pacha also realizes that she and every other human being is one with nature, so we must all do our part to save it so we won’t suffer in the end. Basically, she becomes a superhero for the Earth in the story.

Pacha’s Pajamas, one of the most effective environmental children’s books, uses the augmented reality technology for a more fun reading experience. Using the Pacha Alive app, all you have to do is hover the phone or tablet over the images within the Pacha’s Pajamas book to make it come alive. Using environmental children’s books such as this would make kids engage with the story as technology is associated with learning.

Through this environmental-themed storyline, kids wouldn’t mind skipping video-streaming or play time over this kind of environmental children’s book because of the animations from the Pacha Alive app. To add, its soundtrack series accompaniment features over 70 artists such as Yasiin “Mos Def” Bey, Cheech Marin, rock legend Lester Chambers, Talib Kweli, Majora Carter, and Les Nubians. It’s like learning the fun way, rather than the hard way, especially for a serious and complex issue such as climate change.

If you want to know more about Pacha’s Pajamas, visit https://pachaspajamas.com/.