By Irene Tria via

Just before the love month ends, here’s the newest craze on smartphones. You don’t need play ps4 or pay in an amusement just to enjoy dancing.

Love Dance is an online game where users have the chance to meet, chat and date everyone in-game.

Dress up your character from a huge assortment of clothing and hairstyles to customize your appearance the way you like it.

The game is played in the traditional arrow and button mode or use the intuitive tap based mode specially designed for mobile devices.

Each match is a competitive battle in which players fight for Champion crown, and Challengers and Champions constantly go back and forth.

Plus you can play to your favorite beats with large variety of popular Asian and English songs to choose from.

And what sets this game apart from others is that you can marry anyone in the game. This might be your chance to find your #forever.