by Jacob Siegal |

Following the release of the Galaxy S5, we explored the electronic device trade-in market as it related to Samsung’s new phone and the iPhone 5s. Although Gazelle concluded that iPhone owners were content with their purchases, U.K.-based trade-in site CompareMyMobile found that the largest group of converts were in fact Applefaithful. From the unveiling of the Galaxy S5 up to its release, nearly 40% of consumers planning to trade in their devices for the Samsung flagship were iPhone owners. Nearly a month after the Galaxy S5′s release, it’s still attracting more trade-ins than the iPhone 5s.

According to the latest data provided to BGR, 21% of people trading in their devices told CompareMyMobile in a recent survey that they are looking to upgrade to a Galaxy S5. On the other hand, only 13% are interested in an iPhone 5s and just 5% are looking to pick up an HTC One (M8).

“We were surprised to see GS5 upgrades were so high – 21.2 percent is a huge volume of people to be upgrading to the Samsung GS5 considering this data is taken from every person selling mobile phones through the checkout,” said CompareMyMobile co-founder Ashley Turner. “We can’t wait to compare this to Apple’s next release and see how loyal and excited their fans are.”