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diyos-Diyosan Poster 15x21 (1)Alternative films have come alive these past few months and it’s good news for cinephiles looking for edgy stories.  This May 4 in all SM Cinemas, it’s the socio-political film diYOS-DIYOSAn’s time to offer a mind-blowing story that will surely remind moviegoers about the value of good choices, clear conscience, and sincere principles.  This film is produced by LEB Telon Film Production and features John Prats, Princess Punzalan, Vanessa del Moral, Ryza Cenon, Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, and Tirso Cruz III.

diYOS-DIYOSAn is written and directed by Cesar Evangelista Buendia, who shared that it took him four meaningful years before offering it to moviegoers.  Here are the 7 Edges of his film and why you should watch it.

  • Right combination of complex twists. Have you seen a film that was so plain boring? What about a movie that was so complex that you lost your appetite to finish it? diYOS-DIYOSAn has complex twists indeed, but it can hold your attention because of its engaging plot. In fact, it depicts the complexity of today’s world and is embodied in the political career of Bernard Mojica (John Prats’ character in the movie).
  • Rediscover John Prats’ acting prowess. The film unleashes the versatile actor in former teen star John Prats. In the film you’ll not see the Dance Floor Dynamite or the TV comedian in Banana Sundae, but the baby face thespian who’s believable to act as a high school student was also effective to become as a powerful greedy politician named Bernard Mojica.diyos-Diyosan (2)
  • Revive the Socio-political genre – When was the last time you’ve seen a socio-political film? Usually, these type of movies are of Joel Lamangan, Ismael Bernal and Lino Brocka that we don’t often see in the mainstream cinema.  In diYOS-DIYOSAn, Buendia presented a thought-provoking storyline with well-established realistic characters especially Bernard Mojica, Teacher Estrell, and Jojo (Kiko Estrada).  If you only watch stories about fraternity, rebellion, and alleged illegal activities of politicians in news documentaries, in diYOS-DIYOSAn you’ll have it all.
  • Timely and relevant for the national election. There are movies connected to Christmas and Lenten season, but it’s rare to see one about politics.  This film is timely for the National Elections on May 9.  It appeals to voters and politicians in a heartfelt narrative way to make wise decisions on Election Day as it can reform or deform lives. Arguably, there are politicians running for the wrong reasons like the character of Bernard.
  • Watch Princess Punzalan in her non-kontrabida role. Princess Punzalan is iconic for her villainous characters particularly as Selina Perriera-Matias in Mula sa Puso. As Ma’am Estrell, she perfectly portrays a colorful protagonist who’s initially motivated by somebody else’s principles (as a leftist) before she is passionately driven by her own faith.diyos-Diyosan (1) On the other hand, the character of Ma’am Estrell also challenges educators to be mindful of what they teach and inculcate in their students’ minds.  After all, education is not only about IQ, but also about EQ. Meanwhile, Punzalan was impressive in the scenes when she questioned her husband’s religious beliefs (played by Lorenzo Mara) and castigated her favorite student, Bernard Mojica for his principles.
  • Enjoy a character-driven story. Though the film covers different aspects, the whole story is character-driven, particularly that of Bernard’s part.  The audience will see his humble beginnings, misfortunes, and know the people who molded him as a politician, just prior to his ultimate aim to become the President of the Philippines.
  • Get to Know Kiko Estrada.  The film introduces Kiko Estrada, the 20-year old Kapuso actor who also starred in That’s My Amboydiyos-Diyosan Kiko EstradaIf you don’t know him yet,  it’s also high-time you discover this talented young actor. His role depicts individuals who treasure brotherhood, but also know their limits because they simply have pure hearts. At first, you will see Jojo as a typical sidekick. But wait till that moment when he gets consumed with guilt.  Estrada showed a sterling performance when his character, Jojo, accidentally killed someone and confessed his sins to Ma’am Estrell.

diYOS-DIYOSAn, has its flaws and perhaps, it is just too brave to combat other big-budgeted movies. Still, it has a meaningful story to convey and is truly worthy of our time. After all, moviegoers should invest in a movie that will touch their hearts and allow them to do something great in their lives. Like in an election, it’s not just a one day or nine-month event; but a six-year or a lifetime thing, so voters should sincerely elect the right leaders.