Narada - Gogagah

Narada a global company known for specializing in energy storage is coming to the Philippines. In a strategic partnership with iEZ Global and Dios enterprise, Narada aims to address the Philippines’ issues with power storage.

It has been working in the battery industry for 24 years, and their products and solutions had been provided for more than 150 countries around the world, which can be used for applications like energy storage, motive power, Telecom & data center etc. It is a supplier and partner of major telecom operators all over the world by providing them with highly reliable, energy-efficient emergency power products.

                                                 Contract Signing

“There is a clear problem with storing and providing power in small towns in the Philippines,” says Charz Kelso Spokesperson of IEZ Global. “Narada, together with Dios Enterprise and IEZ Global, aims to work very closely with the Philippine Government by providing the knowledge technology to store energy and providing power even at night to those places.”

According to CEO Chen Bo, “Narada and our partner, IEZ GLOBAL are looking forward to serving our Philippine friends with our most advanced technology to promote a friendly cooperation between China and the Philippines and bringing our best products and services to you.”

At a press briefing featuring representatives from Narada, iEZ Global and Dios Enterprise, the entities answered questions from the media on how their cooperation will be mutually beneficial and ultimately establish a presence of it in the country.