solidenergy battery

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH

Smartphone users nowadays buy powerbanks to solve drain issues in smartphone batteries. Smartphones always seem to run out of energy when you needed it most. A lot has attempted to solve the issue, but there are only quite a few which seems to have solved the issue.

Scientists from SolidEnergy have created a new battery type that will be able to increase battery life by twice as much as it would normally last.

The new battery type is expected to be released by SolidEnergy in 2017. A spokesperson from SolidEnergy says that these batteries will soon be in future smartphones and other devices in early 2017, and there might be a big possibility that cars would also benefit from this new innovation in 2018.

The new battery is an anode-free lithium metal unit. It is said to be safe and long-lasting compared to the current lithium-ion batteries. The secret is in a thin lithium-metal foil which is said to hold more ions compared to the traditional graphite anode. This would mean greater energy capacity for the new battery type.

Phone manufacturers can keep the same sized batteries and double their lives, or they can simply reduce the size of the battery for other purposes. This proves to be an exciting innovation to wearable manufacturers, as the wearables can now prolong usage with the new battery type.

Initially, they plan to use the new battery life in flying drones.

In a demonstration, SolidEnergy scientists showed off a working example of the battery (half the size of the 1.8 amp hour iPhone 6 battery), which offered 2 amp hours. As soon as they have proven their product, SolidEnergy got more than $12 million worth of investments.

SolidEnergy plans to begin production as soon as they move to a bigger facility in Woburn, Massachusetts and plans to launch the new battery by November 2017.

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