In the olden days there used to be a stigma attached to the selling of gold jewelry. Hardly people ever sold off their jewelry and even if in rare instances, they did, they would keep it a secret. During those days, selling your jewelry implied that your family is going through bad times. Nobody cared whether you just wanted to get rid of your grandmother’s brooch you would never wear or that you required some additional cash for paying your candlestick bill or gas bill. During those times, selling off your jewelry was something inelegant and unbecoming of a lady.

But times have changed now. Today middle-aged women are constantly selling off their jewelry at some pretense or the other. Either they are using up the cash for some other important work or they are buying jewelry in the latest designs. Here are some of the common occasions when modern women do not feel shy to sell off their jewelry. A vast majority of women today are making the most of the popular ‘Cash for Gold’ concept.

When Precious Metal Prices Go Up

We know that during the last decade there has been a significant increase in the price of gold and other such precious metals used for making delicate jewelry. The price of gold has shot up from $600 per troy ounce to as much as $2000. Today, life is highly competitive and people are ending up overspending and in debts. So they have understood the importance of selling off old jewelry when the prices of metals shoot up. This is the most effective and easiest way of making money and getting some ready cash. When you end up getting a sizeable return on an unusable and previous investment, you would find those old stigmas take no time to melt away. So go ahead and sell gold in NYC and go on an exciting vacation or save the amount for some critical future use or crisis.

When Your Jewelry Has Lost Its Charm & Appeal

Jewelry during the olden days was regarded as an heirloom. It used to be incredibly expensive and most people took pride in their small collection of jewelry items meant for exclusively special occasions. Today, most jewelry is actually, mass manufactured. Just in the same manner as the dynamic fashion world, people are purchasing more jewelry and the jewelry is constantly going in and again out of fashion.

When You Need to Tackle Financial Crises by Selling Your Jewelry

Individuals who are going through a really bad patch in life and those who have actually lost their jobs or are in a financial turmoil often move in the right direction by selling the jewelry to earn some extra cash for meeting various demands and for saving for the rainy day.

When You Have Gone Through a Bitter Divorce

The best way of moving on with life after a divorce is to; first of all, sell your wedding and engagement rings and all other jewelry gifts you had received at your wedding. Once you get rid of the jewelry, you would feel less distressed and less emotionally taxed. Your jewelry reminds you of the past, the relationship, and the bitter divorce, Sell your jewelry for an effective and superfast financial boost. Moreover, it is time to get rid of the past baggage. Gear yourself up for a better future with a dashing new partner.


It is high time you understood the real value, power, and true significance of gold, diamond, and other precious gold jewelry. We have discussed the most common occasions when you could sell your gold jewelry without feeling guilty or sad.


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