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The crowdfunding campaign has started for the new project of idea3Di and Marco Zagaria.

Funnily enough, sipping a beer safely might encounter some difficulties: though it clears your mind, it activates your hands. That’s how writing a message, eating a sandwich or taking a selfie with friends might turn into a mad venture.

To the rescue of the beer’s lovers, however, OP is coming, the revolutionary gadget that will clear
the hands, besides the mind!

The project, devised by the fervent imagination of three young makers- Damiano Iannini, Ferdinando Petrella e Marco Zagaria- has just landed on the Kickstarter web site these days in order to launch a crowdfunding campaign that lead it to be produced on a large scale. A clip, an docking and a bottle opener are the three essential parts of this gadget by a functioning as simple as ingenious: it’s enough to catch the docking at the bottle’s neck and fix the clip in the trousers’ belt in fact, and the work is done!

op beer gadget

Thanks to this joint- system it is possible to hook again the bottle to the clip after every sip in fact, where it will be stay in a steady balance as long as necessary, clearing both hands.

Moreover, thanks to the OP’s ingenious locking mechanism, it will be possible to make any kind of moves-sitting on the floor, bending forwards and backwards becausethe locking mechanism allows the bottle a game such as hold it always in a vertical position. Finally, the presence of the mobile bottle opener makes this gadget multifunctional, allowing to open the bottle at any time and in any place comfortably.



The designers explain:

We brought a team together in order to develop a series of projects. OP is just the one of the first in a long series of projects that we want to achieve together, and it’s the first project ever inserted in the Kickstarter platform. We have chosen the crowdfunding to test how the our pilot project can draw attention between users. It’s important for us just see our ideas achieved, of which OP is just the first, and then invent some others. That is why the crowdfunding seems the best way for us, the right way to surmount the earlier hurdles of the old production method on a large

OP’s development and manufacture are been long and careful. Everything stemmed from a draft drawn up by PC, then brought to the third dimension by a lot of 3Dprinting tests that allowed the three young 2.0 craftsmen to see the growth of their product step by step, and thus to improve it manually. A such careful prototype process, linked to the study of different production techniques and to the priming of different materials-like steel and plastic- allowed
the designers to overcome some limits faced during the creation process and to obtain a perfectly functional product, tested to endure over the long.

There are those who say, having tested it, that carrying OP with them is like having a third hand that help you when you need the other two.

Let’s see before believing!

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