At the recent TOYCON PH 2015 held last June 19-21 at the Megatrade  Halls 1 & 2, Martin Jimenez, a mobile game developer and owner of Power Play Game Wear was busy accommodating all inquiries about his very detailed design of Gundam Universal Century mugs.
Martin Jimenez of PowerPlay Game Wear
Martin Jiminez and complete set of the Universal Century Mugs
Gundam Destiny
Martin Jimenez Gundam Destiny Mug



Gundam Mug made in Japan
Made in Japan Gundam Mug
As an artist, Martin admits that he’s very OC (obsessive compulsive) when it comes to his artwork. He wants his design to be perfect. That is why he opted to look for another supplier to accomplish the perfect finish he wants on his mugs. Fortunately he was able to find his new mug supplier which gave him a satisfactory increase of demand on his mug collection.
He now receives bulk orders from abroad because of  its quality and affordable price compared to those coming from Japan.
Truly Martin is a Pinoy pride.
Aside from Martin’s popular Gundam mugs, he also offer other gaming themed mugs, shirts and lifestyle items that are sold online and during events.


Gameboy and Nintendo console pillows
Sulkoden themed mugs



gameboy themed mugs
Power Play Game Wear was also present in other toy conferences like the Otaku Expo and Komikon last year. For more inquiries of Martin’s creation: