Chinese mobile devices manufacturer Oppo announced in October 2014 that its flagship smartphone N3 ignites the the next evolution of mobile photography.

Designed as a compact camera smartphone, the Oppo N3’s exclusive photo features include single-handed control, panoramic mode, and an target-tracking focus shift function.

Pure Image 2.0+ Smart Command Flagship Configuration
There are the imaging features of the N3: a 16MP Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens offering a maximum resolution of 64MP; a pixel size of 1.34 micron and integration of 5 optical lenses — a configuration that exceeds the standard of current flagship Android devices; an optimum balance between high resolution and the photo-sensitive area; and a dual LED flash that provides more natural lighting for images.

Utilizing the highest level of performance from the hardware calls for the implementation of a comprehensive software engine — this is where Oppo’s PI 2.0+ comes into play.

The PI 2.0+ image platform enables the N3 to handle a multitude of different photography settings. Oppo analyzed thousands of common photography settings to construct a matching library, which features more than a hundred unique functions.

When a user activates the camera, the PI engine will start by performing a smart analysis of the environment and will identify its unique characteristics. The engine will then provide the most appropriate color optimization solution. With an improved optimization algorithm, the PI 2.0+ is able to complete this complicated matching process in an instant.

Personalized settings
The camera modes of the PI 2.0+ image platform can be fully personalized, turning the smartphone into a private photography suite. This plug-in feature will allow the user to fully realize his or her creative talent.

The smart image plug-in feature of PI 2.0+ helps the N3 create a series of sophisticated and unique photography experiences. Offering options similar to that of professional cameras along with flexible and customizable settings, a user can take fantastic pictures anytime, anywhere.

Take a photo with your doppelganger
Using the Auto Panorama mode, a user can appear in multiple locations in the same picture without post-editing tediously since the camera rotates on its own. Before using the feature, a user can choose 3 to 4 segments within the 206° view of the N3’s camera. After the camera finishes scanning the first segment, one can move out of the focus area and shift to the next segment before the camera takes the shot.

Shake hands with yourself
With Oppo’s N3, it’s now possible to shake hands with yourself using the double exposure effect. To use the double exposure plug-in, simply activate the double exposure function and pose for the first picture.

At this point, your first image will increase its transparency and will remain on the display — that is your cue to take a second shot. The second photo will overlap the first photo. The PI 2.0+ will automatically merge the two images into one.

Finer details
The Oppo N3 has the PI 2.0+ platform,which can capture every detail with its Ultra-HD feature. The Oppo N3 is equipped with a multi-frame synthesis super-sampling technique that combines multiple low resolution RAW images into an ultra-high resolution picture with finer details.

Compared with conventional interpolation method, the Ultra-HD generates outstanding, high-quality pictures that closely resemble those taken with traditional high resolution sensor components. Improve your image’s quality to an astounding 64-MP or 32-MP resolution and see beauty in high definition.

Ultra-HD setting
With the common notion that professional cameras are not for everyone, Oppo has released a camera plug-in with features such as white balance, ISO, exposure compensation and manual focus. This lets everyday users experience the sophistication of a professional camera with their smartphone.

The Oppo N3 opens their imagination by letting them take creative and sharp photos of moments they want to remember with full color and detail. With its motorized camera and PI 2.0+ imaging platform, the Oppo N3 is the perfect device for photography enthusiasts.