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Unlike before, anime series are apparently enjoy little running time nowadays in local TV stations due to popularity of other type of programs. Well it depends on what and who’s trending, but nevertheless animation is already part of Filipinos’ viewing culture.

Suspension of Disbelief. Arguably, those watching cartoon or animation programs are considered childish because normally it is kids who really enjoy these shows.  Perhaps it’s also unusual to believe in the concept of ‘suspension of disbelief’ that only anime or cartoon characters can do.  Think about it, even if a movie is obviously sci-fi actions or fantasy there are still critics who would questions something about the effects and executions.  With anime, you’ll tend just to accept that characters have outlandish fashions, can distort their faces or body hilariously, and they have unconventional principles.

Those reasons are also keys why not all classic popular anime or manga stories cannot be adapted into live action films or TV series. It’s just hard to convert the points and attacks of two-dimensional figures into mediums that people like to mirror their realities.   Thus, filmmakers choose to twist or add flavors in the stories if they project adapted from anime.  Let’s imagine casting good looking guys like Jerry Yan (Taiwanese version) or Lee Min Ho (Korean version) for the male lead of Hana Yori Dango. There are also angles of getting casting possible love teams like Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng of It Started with A Kiss (an adaptation of Itazura na Kiss of Kaoru Tada) or effective actors such as Kenichi Matsuyama and Tatsuya Fujiwara in Death Note.

Credit: Hitokirihoshi
Credit: Hitokirihoshi

Introduce Japan in entertaining ways. You can wear kimono and touch samurai, but it takes deeper effort to get to know Japanese people.  Of course there are available history books that will enlighten us about Japan, but unfortunately not all are keen to read.  Because anime is such an entertaining medium, it lets everyone enjoy the arts, fashions, ideas, and even glimpse of historical facts of the said country.

In the anime series Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X, which also adapted to a live action film series starring Takeru Satoh, audience learned characters loosely based on true historical icons.  The character Shogo Amakusa was based on Catholic devotee named  Amakusa Shiro, who’s persecuted at the age of 16 (April 12, 1638) due to his participation in Shimabara rebellion against Shogunate.  In some reports even the lead character Kenshin Himura was a collection of true individuals who live in Meiji era.

True arts break barriers.  It’s crucial that we have to learn foreign languages so we can communicate well.   With anime, it looks like non-Japanese anime fanatics such as Filipinos don’t mind that they’re reading English subtitles and listening to Nihongo dialogues.  That’s besides of the fact that not all also are fluent in English.

Another note to consider is the appeal of anime to different nations no matter what past issues happened before. We don’t need to go cite every issues, but what we know there anime series showed and still being broadcast in countries like China, South Korea, Philippines,  Brazil, France, and Canada.