Instagram With That of Email Marketing | The surveys based on internet marketing keep on changing and taking place. Depending on the latest inventions and technology usage, the numbers are always changing. A recent study has indicated that just around 8% of the marketers these days truly believe that they are using images in a rather effective manner for driving up the email engagement. Well, this notion is no surprise at all and to reach out to the customers with some relevant content, marketers are always asked to increase leverage the use of social media. This language of social media is something both customers love and know to the heart. It has to be associated with the field of email marketing campaigns, to this day.

As per the survey conducted by the email marketing platforms, around one third of the marketers are now merging two of the marketing platforms for the better response now. Another study from the same source has stated that most of the integrations have been quite rudimentary to this date. Around 76% of the emails are known to include the social media button. Then you have around 14% of emails as optimized with the social images. As IG continues to be workhorse for the brands, the IG images are used within emails will be less than 3% of the total range.

Clear benefits are on the way:

For the first timers out there, incorporating email marketing with that of Instagram seems to be a step which is not that necessary. But, once you have been interested in this field and start doing your bit of research, you will realize the importance it holds. While researching, you will come across so many brands which have already been using IG images with emails. The benefits are as clear as it can get. For example, you have one fitness retailer, which has delivered around 7X lift in the engagement with the help of product photos on website just for the span of 24 hours after sending the first ever IG infused email. Checking out these numbers and some more from Gramista will help you realize the importance it holds.

A modernized addition to the list:

For exploring what might happen whenever beautiful IG images are featured within body of email, there are some online infographic to help you understand the notion well. There are some added insights and examples available once you have started your research online.

  • In the year 2015, it was found out that over 200 billion emails were sent and received on a daily basis. Among the number, around 57% came from brands.
  • As the competition associated with consumer attention seems to be growing, marketers get the chance to drive some more action from email subscribers in a rather significant manner.
  • Marketers have used the IG images to their full potential to enrich the entire email based experience now and for driving a highly engaging audience to the said site as well.

Marketers are now working hard to increase incorporating some of the social elements might into the notion behind email campaigns. Well, the most valuable of the social opportunities are always underutilized. Some statistics have rather indicated that around 76% of the emails will include some of the social media buttons, but only 14% will include social images.

Challenges as faced by marketers:

Whenever you ask the marketers to identify some of the top challenges in bringing social images into emails, marketers are able to sub-divide the services under multiple heads and help you find answer to it.

  • Some marketers find it quite difficult to ad social feeds right into emails. Around 43% of them feel the same way.
  • Around 49% of the marketers might find silos in cross channel based collaboration, which you have to cater to now.
  • 51% of the email marketers might be facing some challenges with the data collection and analytics and are desperately looking for some help.
  • On the other hand, different systems and databases are making it difficult for around 52% of the marketers to bring in social images right into email marketing section.

Checking on the editorial based imagery as used:

Even though, email marketers are yet to realize the full potential of the notable Instagram platform, you cannot deny the inspirational approach of the editorial styled imagery from the same source. Some studies have well indicated that IG is known to deliver around 58 times more of the engagement on a single follower count when compared to Facebook, and it has higher note of 120 times more when compared to Twitter. Some statistical points might help you understand this notion from the core.

  • You will be amazed to know that around 70 million of the images are shared well and daily to Instagram.
  • 4 out of 5 IG users are ready to give the brands permission for sharing the images well and in advance.
  • There are three major IG filters among the lot, known to deliver the highest possible revenue on every impression when utilized within e-commerce environment. Those three filters are called Rise, Valencia and X-Pro II.

Apart from the noteworthy IG images, the contextual tags are also noted to be among the highest driving revenue forces per impression whenever featured in any of the e-commerce environment like makeup, eyes, smile, sun, water, female, travel and hair.

The end result:

Now, you might be wondering what will happen if you start bringing in the inspirational IG images right into the email experience. The answer is simple and that is, people will start to notice it. Instagram is mostly learnt to be an untapped trove of the images.

Even though, IG is known to have generated extraordinary engagement levels with content as shared by brands, marketers were the ones to have underutilized these powerful images for such a long time within emails. But, now things have changed towards the betterment. Marketers are not just relying on the FB platform to source social content but have done the same with IG as well.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Gramista for more information.