The word “Freelance” has become a trendsetter in this current era. With this increasing trend there is a huge improvement in the job opportunities as well. The freelancing world gives you freedom and lets you be your own boss, have your own flexible work time and many more perks which is quite impossible in a full time job. The earning is also quite decent as compared to full- time basis.

But it might have some negative consequences if you quit your job and also don’t have proper set of planning and a stable client base.

And for a client base you first you need to get noticed by the audience.

Below are a list of few tips that might help you to bag some attention as freelancer and to gain some client base, including some good projects-

  • Create an online profile

A client always look for a freelancer who is potential and experienced and has the ability to deliver the work properly, so if you are new freelancer then there is maximum chance that you might lose out your contract to an experience freelancer.  But at times some client instead of hiring a professional prefer reviewing profiles of other freelancers who tend to work at a lower rate. So to convince your client and bag this chance you need to have attractive and promising portfolio. To make a decent and attractive portfolio try using the simple graphic design works, don’t brag too much just be clear and to the point.

The tips that follows will explain some additional items that you can add in your portfolio.

  • Flaunt some testimonials

Testimonials or recommendations plays a major role in fetching business. Testimonials can boost your reputation as a freelancer as soon as you complete a project make it a point to get a testimonial from your client. If you have worked for some big companies then make sure to add the company name and details in the testimonials it seriously do make a huge difference. When you ask your client for testimonials, ask them for feedback based on numbers or ask them to be more specific. If you are a freelance graphic designer then along with the company name and details try to add on and flaunt the graphic design you have created for them as well.

  • Work for free

Beginners do face a dilemma: that whether to get a project you need to have reputation but for being a newbie you neither have reputation nor do have any project. So the first thing is to think that how to build a reputation? To bag some name you have to start from scratch that means you have to work for free and to grab some charity projects that might help in earning some experience and to make some contacts and build links. And to bag some free projects and new contacts try to get in touch with start-up companies, Contact with the local organisations, Let your friend and family know about your work, create a professional business e-card.

Market yourself

Marketing is a very important element if you want to grab some attention and potential clients. Make a proper strategy for both your online and offline clients. Interact and engage with people by answering questions and taking part in discussion on digital forums and sites like- Quora. Join different freelancing groups and websites and update regularly. Digital marketing is very impactful way in terms of advertising and to ensure a maximum number of reachability.

  • Add articles and tutorials to other sites

Content is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing so writing articles and adding tutorials to different famous digital marketing sites can help you boost your client ratio and also helps to bag client’s attention. Make sure to create a professional content and a powerful tutorial about your field of expertise.

  • Attend Gatherings and meetups

If you are just a newbie and started recently then along with digital marketing try attending gathering and meetups, as the social gatherings do have a massive impact over the career growth. Interact with different new peoples, make new connections use the powerful social media platform and have a good and active presence on them, utilise the power of digital media for your own career growth.

A professional and well-crafted portfolio and good networking can help you to succeed as a freelancer. Being a freelancer initial days might be quite difficult but once you start growing and getting recognized then you would feel that freelancing was a better choice over any other job field.