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A lot of materials that are been shared about blogging. Some are about how to monetize a blog site or how to achieve celebrity-like persona through it. This post is not about those, but possibly can direct you to what you really intend to do with your own brand of online journal.  Thus, if you are planning now to set up your own site, but don’t know why you have to pursue it, read on!

Blog is a hub of your passion(s)

If you’re already tech-savvy and can manage to encode on platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr or LiveJournal, setting up a blog would be an easy-breezy endeavor. However, it just the first step as maintaining a site also entails a lot of efforts and actually deeper passion.  Don’t stress out with these, but instead believe that through blogging you are opening doors for you and others.

Focus on discussing your passion or interests, instead getting money out of it.  With this mindset, you’ll never run out of ideas and even drives to continue.  Isn’t heartwarming to share your pottery classes and then receive invitations from various art shows for free?  How about posting your trekking experience in Sagada and then, receives warm greetings from fellow backpacking travelers here and abroad?

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Blog to introduce yourself and enjoy Freedom

Apart from diary and unlike other writing mediums, you can always be yourself on your blog. It’s up to you if you’re going to feature your poetry, photography, creative stories or all of your creations.  Of course, sharing opinions and problems, which possibly concerns of others too, are also okay.   In fact, it is also an edge of keeping a blog as you may get suggestions and reminders back if you pour out your ideas.  In short, it appears that you are not alone in this world. And who knows any of your visitors that commented about your skin or weight problems can be your real friend or sweetheart.

Other than expressing yourself, blogging about your likings can be your ticket to get to know your mentors and discover other things you can do. In the long run, perhaps you’ll just realize you have a new career already. By the way, a lot of advertisers now like to tap personal and niche bloggers for their concentrated and sincere articles.

  Blogging is your ticket to discover the wonders of Cyberworld

They say to become successful you have to take risks- so “no pain, no gain;” and “no guts, no glory.” With blogging just “think before you click” and other positive things come next. If you are responsible blogger, who mind the effects of your posts to your readers, and do some self-study to boost your knowledge; soon you’ll just realize it’s also a life-changing hobby.

Compare to other online activities like ranting on your status bar, follow and unfollow personalities, and posting selfies, blogging offer unconventional and amazing rewards. Roll into one – blogging can improve your communication skills, understanding of technology, human interaction, and let you expose to more worthy things like being promoter of  tourism, business or arts.