College boy holding books with blurred students in park | Procedural Perception and Online Preparation of Medical Entry Test | Ever since its creation, Pakistan could not formulate a persistent and reliable education policy compatible with existing world-renowned universities which always remained a loophole towards Standard Education. Customary it remained for a long duration that admissions in the medical and engineering universities were conducted based on marks obtained by the students in F.Sc. But later on, it was direly needed that there should be some filter to select only well-suited candidates for the medical colleges and engineering universities to streamline and enhance the university’s academic level and capabilities.

After that special heed was paid for restructuring and rehabilitation of the existing universities and medical colleges including dental colleges to enhance their capabilities and bringing them to international level. Now it is prerequisite for the students passing their F.Sc examination, to sit in the entry test and pass it. After that on merit, basis selection is done for all the universities, medical colleges and dental colleges and students are admitted in these institutes after obtaining highest marks in MCQs (objective type) type entry tests.

Earlier known as Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) since 1998, was renamed as Medical & Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) in 2017 to have admissions in medical colleges and dental colleges. This MDCAT is conducted by the University of Health Sciences. The basic theme behind these tests was to curb the cheating menace.

Broadly speaking, two types of entry tests are conducted viz. ECAT (Engineering College Admission Test) and MDCAT. As our focus is on Medical and Dental college’s entry tests and their online preparation, so we will have an overview of the existing scenario of Medical Entry Test and its online preparation.

With the advent of information technology and the latest software to prepare the concerned examination, it has become quite easy for the aspirants to prepare themselves for these tests. Everyone endeavours to score highest marks in these competitive exams and for this purpose, he starts preparation long before these entry tests are commenced.

Basic Theme of Medical Entry Tests

It is pertinent to mention here MDCAT entry Tests are conducted in a bid to evaluate the education level of the candidates taking the examination. The candidates who are longing for having admissions in medical and dental colleges should be well versed with the subjects related to medicine so that they could easily be prepared for a medical profession later on in the medical and dental colleges. Furthermore, only those subjects’ questions are asked which have already been studied at intermediate (F.Sc) level.

Procedure Intended

MDCAT is primarily, subjects based test which the candidates have already studied in the prior level of education. In this connection, MCQs are set from the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Being the competitive examination, the gravity of tests, sections and questions asked therein, considerably vary.

Though basic questions are asked in these entry tests yet it should always be kept in mind that owing to a limited number of seats, these questions are highly puzzling and technically broad-based. It is important to describe here that MDCAT Entry Tests are conducted by all the provinces of Pakistan to have admissions in public and private medical and dental colleges.

Online Entry Test Preparation

Now in this era, almost everyone has access to the internet and without taking admission in costly Entry Tests Preparing Institutes, just click to have the desired online medical entry test preparation website and get yourself registered. No doubt at present, a lot of websites are available which claims to prepare you comprehensively covering all the requirements of the upcoming MDCAT entry tests. But not everyone is capable to quench the thirst of student’s knowledge. Which is why you need to be aware before selecting one.

Just to apprise you, inter alia, various methods used to equip you with through Preparation are enlisted hereunder:

Video lessons

To encompass the prescribed syllabus, chapter and topic wise videos are available and by viewing these video lessons, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming MDCAT entry tests. The lectures in this context would surely quench your thirst about various queries.

Explained Test Preparation

A detailed explanation is given in tricky notes about the preparation of MDCAT entry tests with the help of frequently asked MCQs along with their solution. So passing through these exercises you could have the desired objectives to score highest marks in the entry test.

Past Papers and Sample papers

As candidates are very enthusiastic to have the previous MDCAT entry tests held at various centres. Apart from it, you could also have sample papers covering the syllabus. By this, you become well aware of the angle and style of questions being asked.

Practise and Preparation

What a beautiful saying of someone that practise makes the man perfect. Surely, if you do regular untiring hard work and get prepared thoroughly, your chances of scoring maximum points are increased obviously.

Notes Management System 

Likewise, every topic is handled in detail so that no thirst remains in pursuit of a good score in the competitive tests in which there is a competition of talent and remember, every participant comes with complete preparation.

Agile & Functional Learning

Online Preparation of entry tests of MDCAT leads to agility and devotion which enhance the capabilities of the candidates and explores new horizons by which better performance could be achieved without losing anything.

Intelligent Analytics Software Tool

Adopted by the online academies, Intelligent Analytics Software Tool helps to analyse the student’s preparation level and also it identifies the loopholes and weaknesses during Preparation. To conclude the discussion, it is worthwhile that if you prepare yourself strategically and tactically, there is no doubt that you could not have your desired destination.

So be serious and undertake target-oriented preparation. Always keep it in your mind, that until and unless you do not follow the strict work plan and schedule for the Preparation of MDCAT Entry Test, you cannot have the enticing and dazzling distinction.